Giant is a fair launch blockchain. Its goal is to support JavaScript smart contracts and dApps. The blockchain includes a masternodes network and uses Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm. The team is developing first dApps, such as Giant.Exchange and Giant.Bet. Community participates using a Governance mechanism
Transparency - the community can see and understand the workflow
The Giant CoreTeam operates in a clear and transparent way. Development is based on the open source principles with publicly available GitHub commits.
The Giant Core team uses Scrum methodology and publish Sprint reports and backlogs with its tasks.
All the tasks are available on a Trello public board in real-time.
While others are focused on ICOs,
Giant is building the product
We have created a first dApp - decentralized binary options exchange 'Giant.Exchange' - as we develop our smart contracts ecosystem.
We want to prove how true decentralization can help solve the problems of a toxic market, such as within binary options.
The use of Blockchain and Smart Contracts can upgrade it to binary options 2.0. GEX development is displayed live on the beta version domain.
We have created an ecosystem
that utilizes Giant Coin
Giant Coin is a key part of our infrastructure.
It fuels smart contracts on the Giant blockchain.
Also, it is a payment means of dApps based on Giant technology.
Blockchain Devs and dApps users will create the demand.
Strong record
Giant Coin (GIC) has remained stable during its 10 months existence (~ $0,25)
The Market Cap exceeds $1,2 million.
Giant is among the top 10 projects based on a masternodes quantity (+3000 nodes).
Total of locked coins in masternodes is around 66%
Annual ROI is around 130%.
Meet our leaders
Mikhail Maximov
We promote ideas of decentralization and rely on our community
Pavel Bulatov
Giant connects several target audiences, that can benefit from the network
Dmitry Filinberg
We are creating an innovative product that empowers blockchain developers all over the world
11 Months on the masternodes market
Please do your own research and discover why Giant is at the beginning of a promising journey