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Giant.Exchange updates


To accelerate the development pace, our team has been expanded and we are welcoming Denis into our ranks! He is a Front End developer and he will apply his JavaScript skills in the work on Giant.Exchange. Ablai, Denis and Dmitry have already had a joint conference to separate the areas of responsibility as optimal as it can be done. Thus, Denis will adapt to Giant the fastest way possible. Denis will start working on the Dashboard while Ablai is going to continue making the Trading page which is using the base exchange trading logic.

Before talking about the latest updates, let’s first remind about the Giant.Exchange operational plan. The platform includes three basic elements:

  1. Dashboard – its algorithm is collecting data on all trades, generates individual and general stats and displays it via the Dashboard interface;
  2. Trading page – through the engagement with the smart contracts system, the deal info is captured. The page interface allows to track the underlying asset price motion process. The final result is also calculated in the smart contract;
  3. Governance – the members of the platform have a right to vote or create new votes dedicated to their Giant.Exchange upgrade proposals, such as: Oracles list change, initiative financing, dividends distribution, new asset addition and more. The weight of the vote will depend on the role that the member plays in the project.

It’s obvious that the Trading Page demonstrates the layout of the binary options trading. We aim to make the interface easy-to-use and intuitive.

Governance is the best guarantor of the platform developing no matter who the Giant Team consists of. The Dashboard will use the data generated in these two platform elements. This means that Denis will work on the Dashboard simultaneously with Ablai who is now developing the Trading Page. He will prepare an interface for the tables which will show the distributed data. As soon as the platform back end is ready, the interface will start to display the actual data.

You can already get a glimpse of how the Giant.Exchange trading will work. One the Giant.Exchange website, you can choose the time, set the deal size, choose the option type and follow the graphics. The difference between CALL and PUT options is best described in our article Binary Options types:

  • High option (Call option): betting on the price direction going upwards, time specified by brokers;
  • Low option (Put option): betting on the price direction going downwards, time specified by brokers.

Give it a try!

Beta Giant.Exchange

As you can see, everything is extremely simple for any potential visitor. Those of you who already saw this page in, say, September 2018 should come visit this interface again - it has considerably changed and became much more understandable. Share your thoughts on its further improvement on #g-e-general to make Giant.Exchange even better!