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Users Reputation System



This informational material has been designed to clarify the new changes on our Discord server, which is the major social media hub of Giant. The principle of decentralization would not be achievable without the feedback of the actual community members - after all, it is them who we are entrusting the upcoming blockchain environment.

Here you will see what changes exactly are going to be made and how it all applies to the principle of new finance and governance without any central authorities.


As witnessed from the history of cryptocurrencies, a solid community is one of the cornerstones of every such project. Internal disputes can become the reason of the user base divergence and even new hard fork coins established by the radical supporters of a certain idea. Such events, while undoubtedly differing from the full stasis, are still harmful for the people. Additionally, this undermines the reputation of digital currency governance.

This leads us to believe that more community feedback means less heated arguments about the problems which may have festered for a long time. It’s always better to solve a technical issue as fast as possible, and there can be no better instrument than the feedback and expertise of our community.

Reputation: Why It’s Needed

To highlight and reward those people whose advices are of much help for Giant, we are introducing the system of levels of reputation on Discord. The most competent users found thanks to this new environment will become moderators. The exact criteria will be listed later in the text.

User Level System

In 14 days, you can get the following roles.

During the second 14 days, Active Members and Giant Enthusiasts will keep having their roles, although they will have to approve them once more, as the message count nullifies. If the message count is not reached, the role disappears in the next 14-day cycle. This measure is made for obvious reasons: there is a high probability that some users can reach the required limit and then forget about the project completely, remaining an Active Member without making a single post for several months.

Moderators will be chosen from Giant Enthusiasts. They will enter our team and get rewarded with 50 GIC - this seriously varies from moderators of forums of old who acted driven solely by their enthusiasm. Being a Giant Enthusiast does not necessarily mean receiving a mod status. We will choose the users who:

Masternode owners

Another Discord role of MN owner will be granted for those masternodes owners who are ready to undergo a simple approval procedure. An e-mail message with your Discord nickname and ID together with an attached screenshot of your Giant wallet with your Masternode page open should be sent to community@giantpay.network. You need at least one enabled MN and a visible IP address.

Let’s explain why masternode owners deserve a special status. Each of them is making a long-term investment of 1000 GIC. At the time of writing, it’s $620.345. This calculation is based on Coinmarketcap data. The masternode owners agree to share their computing resources to keep the network of Giant alive. This is why their status of responsible investor is justified. The role of MN owner provides additional access to the private chat with extensive messages on the project development steps. This is made to educate them even more on the topic so that they make prudent Giant Proposals-related voting decisions in the future and have a deep understanding of the current and the future needs of the project.


Most blockchain projects have advisors - people who have a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency sphere, blockchain solutions and can see the big picture. Although not necessarily, they can appear on the pages of the business media outlet to share thoughts on digital assets development or price motion. Legal advisers can warn of the worse reception of the idea of digital currencies in one countries and differentiate what should be filed to get a license to operate in other ones.

We would like to cooperate with anyone who has a verifiable experience in the world of digital currency and, optionally, a popular Web blog. On Discord, such people will have another special status of Advisor. Because they will make a solid contribution to the project and its future, they will even get an opportunity to chat with project founders in a private chat and have a significant influence on the Giant development.


The Giant Discord chat will now highlight our biggest fans, investors and contributors. The system of ‘burning’ roles ensures that these user levels are well-deserved and, for instance, a Giant Enthusiast is indeed keeping the enthusiastic approach. We would like to show respect for Giant masternode owners and blockchain advisors. If you are not a communicative person, the Giant Discord server is still strongly recommended by our team, as the latest news on the project often appear there before any other platforms.

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