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The Giant Progress: Results of Sprint #2 and Plans for Sprint #3


Dear users and investors of the Giant project! We are glad to present to you a progress report on targets set for the Sprint 2 (2-15 July), and a plan with the new tasks for the Sprint 3 (16-29 July).

The publication of a series of articles scheduled for the Sprint 2 has been moved to Sprint 3 due to the lack of the necessary human resources. Nonetheless, it does not mean that we will leave these tasks unresolved or perform fewer tasks from the Sprint 3. We are expanding our team by recruiting the necessary specialists to perform more tasks for the development of the Giant project.

So let's sum up the Sprint 2.

Giant Team Expansion

The Giant team was joined by 2 new employees: Grigory (SMM manager), he is engaged in the social networks’ management and in bounty programs’ organization; Dmitry (Blockchain Dev), he is engaged in the development and testing of the coin code.

Technical Development

Within the release of Giant v. we have launched a test network and added the wallet installer for the MacOS (DMG file).

Our official Giantpay.Network website was supplemented with the new sections for news and articles (News section) and for the links to public channels (Community section). Moreover, we have updated the mining section.


Giant was added to one of the top cryptocurrency websites, Cryptocompare, which has a daily traffic of about 15,000 unique users. A few days after this listing, we have noticed an increase of our audience.

Giant was also added to a popular mining calculator CryptoCoinz. This move has given additional positive results. Today, we can see a competitive environment among the GIC miners and a stable network hashrate of about 5 Th/s. This has a positive effect on the speed of the network and on the growth of the cost of GIC.

We have published the article called Why Does Binary Options Industry Need Blockchain?, in which we describe the current situation on the binary options market, as well as the problems that we will solve with the help of a decentralized exchange.

This article is published on the official website of the Giant and other channels:

We also have written three more articles, which will be published in the next few days:

  • smart contracts on Javascript. Describes why we chose Javascript as the language for the implementation of smart contracts;
  • smart contract code update. Describes the significant disadvantages of the Ethereum smart contract technology and the solutions provided by the Giant smart contracts;
  • smart contract destruction. This article is devoted to the issue of scaling the Ethereum blockchain and the consequences related to it. It also covers why the destruction of the smart contracts will help Giant not to fear the future scaling of its network.

We have enlarged the list of the Giant accounts in various social networks, namely:

We have also completed the Discord Invite Bounty program. The winners of this program have received their reward, and our Discord server has gained about 4000 new users.

So, What's Next? Sprint 3

We are glad to present to you the plan of work of our team for the next 2 weeks. The experience from the previous sprints assured us that we lack the necessary human resources and many tasks need to be delegated in order to increase the speed of the work. Therefore, one of the most important tasks of the Sprint 3 is to expand the team.

Giant Team Expansion

Over the next two weeks, we are going to increase the team by hiring the following specialists:

  • a JavaScript Developer for the implementation of the Giant.Exchange interface;
  • an UI/UX Designer who will solve the issues related to the design of the Giant.Exchange interface. He will also update the design of the site, the Block Explorer, and the Giant wallet;
  • a Technical Writer, who will write the technical documentation and articles. He will also perform other copywriting tasks necessary for our project;
  • a Project Manager who will separate the role of the Product Owner from the role of the Project Manager. Now these roles are performed by one person, which causes a conflict of interest: the Product Owner wants to “push” more tasks into the sprint than the team can perform.

Technical Development

In Sprint 3, we will solve the following development tasks:

  1. The connection of the V8 engine to the GiantCore code.
  2. The development of the environment for testing and executing the Giant smart contracts (Giant SDK). The establishment of a technical manual to work with the SDK and the development of examples of the smart contracts for the SDK GiantJS. Once we get an environment where smart contracts are executable, we will create a sandbox to create the first smart contracts (GiantJS SDK).
  3. The extension of the Command Line Interface commands (giant-cli) for getting the block time and the current block reward.
  4. For an automated data translation that may be of the interest to our users (e.g. current course, number of masternodes, coin locked, etc.), we will develop several useful bots that will make regular posts on the discord server. The first bot will be created during the Sprint 3. Its task will be to broadcast the average current rate of GIC/BTC.


A publication of a series of articles:

  • Burning Fees To Counter Cryptocurrency Inflation: we describe what advantages will the Giant project get through the burning of a fee. We also illustrate the consequences of the absence of this mechanism in the Ethereum blockchain;
  • Giant Blockchain: The Best Features of Dash and Ethereum: in this article, we describe the ideas of the Dash and the Ethereum blockchains, which we have combined and implemented on our platform;
  • What is Giant.Exchange: this article focuses on our first project on the Giant blockchain. We explain how our team has come to the idea of the Giant.Exchange. We also explain what problems of the binary options exchange it solves and what functionality will be available to users;
  • Doing Business on Giant.Exchange: a very useful article disclosing the Giant.Exchange use cases. It presents a detailed analysis of the cases of making money with the Giant.Exchange.

The Giant project video presentation. The idea behind the Giant project is unique, so we want to bring it to as many of our users as possible. In addition to a series of articles, we will create 2 presentation videos: the “Giant Blockchain” and the “Giant.Exchange."

WPs Localization

The geography of the Giant users is growing every day and we understand that we are facing the task of localization of documents which describe the concept and benefits of our project. Soon we will start the work on the localization of the Giant White Paper, the Giant Contracts White Paper, and the Giant.Exchange White Paper into the following languages:

  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Japanese

Bounty and Airdrop

The expansion of our project's presence in social networks is also an important marketing task. We are going to solve it through the organization of additional rounds of bounty programs. We have planned the following bounty programs for the Sprint 3:

  • Twitter Bounty
  • Facebook Bounty
  • Telegram Bounty
  • Ambassador Bounty
  • Airdrop campaign

In addition to this, we will soon announce the selection of advisors for the Giant project. The conditions of this selection will be presented in the official announcement.

All the above tasks are published in our Trello channel. Follow the progress of their implementation via the link.

In conclusion, we want to say that we are in a highly competitive environment and our main goal is not to be on a par with the promising crypto projects, but to become one of the most outstanding technological breakthroughs of this year. Primarily, we want to show the viability of the technology in practice and to demonstrate it as soon as possible. In addition, we want to spread our idea as widely as possible, so that a broad audience know about its uniqueness.

If you are interested in our project, tell your friends about the Giant in your social networks and forums, and subscribe to the news on the Giant project on the following channels:

So, the tasks are set, the priorities are defined. We're starting the Sprint 3. Let’s go!!!

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