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Sprint #9 Backlog


The next sprint or a timebox of two weeks (8-21 October 2018) will have several immediate goals we would like to describe in this material. You can also read daily announcements on Discord with the description of some Giant.Exchange solutions and our vision of the crypto projects market. This material below, like other progress reports before it, is dedicated to our plans for the next 14 days.

Technologies Development

Now that the website of Giant is updated, we can focus our efforts on Giant.Exchange. The Giant.Exchange MVP (minimum viable product) is the primary goal of our developers. The Giant team members are aware that the MVP release delay must have disappointed some of the project supporters. Here we must remind that ‘delayed’ doesn’t mean ‘cancelled’.

The coin daemon smart contracts and the price motion graphs for Giant.Exchange are actively being developed. Giant programmers expect to finish the underlying assets stats display tools by the end of this sprint.

The Windows wallet client optimization, too, requires the developers’ attention this sprint, as reported by the Lead Developer.

Note that we have formulated some global tasks several sprints ago. Due to their size, they are still under construction this sprint. The primary examples are:

  • The Smart Contracts Virtual Machine;
  • Giant.Exchange Oracle Back-End;
  • Giant CLI: smart contracts deployment, testing and compilation commands;
  • GiantJS: code and explanatory documents.

These and other tasks may not necessarily be completed at the end of this sprint, but our attention is paid to each one of them and when this period ends, these crucial components of Giant.Exchange will be much more complete than before. This, in turn, will bring the release of the platform closer.

Social Media & Information Materials

Simultaneously with the recent major update of the website, Giant will increase its social media presence to attract newcomers. And by the way, the new website still has some more internal pages to be done. This task is likely to be completed by the end of this sprint because the majority of the work in this field is already finished.

We are also creating a new thread on BitcoinTalk to update the info on the project. The overall design of the old thread needed changes as well. The old BitcoinTalk thread was created at the earliest stages of the project - and now the Giant technology as a smart contracts and DApps execution environment is much more well-defined. The actualization of our social media channel on BitcoinTalk will provide a better understanding of users’ privileges and responsibilities available within the Giant blockchain.

Giant will also optimize the blog on Facebook and prepare new email notifications for the participants of Giant.Exchange Airdrop. The Giant team plans to get rid of the old logo everywhere it’s still present.

When the Giant.Exchange is released, we must be ready for the demand for an easy access to GIC, especially considering the fact that most of the future customers will not be experienced traders who know about each and every crypto platform. This is why we are going to need to list GIC on popular and reliable exchanges. At the current stage, exchanges only provide liquidity for the masternode holders and increase the level of network decentralization.

Human Resources

The creation of Giant blockchain smart contracts environment needs even more skilled programmers than at the moment of writing, and we are actively searching for a competent Java Full Stack developer and for an expert in the field of JavaScript. To find both these professionals is one of the objectives of this sprint which may have lasting consequences on the whole speed of the Giant.Exchange development.

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