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Sprint #8 Backlog


Let’s see what Giant plans to do during the next sprint (24 September - 7 October 2018). The methodology called SCRUM includes not only this: our team is holding regular meetings dedicated to the speed of the work processes and makes conclusions from the past sprints. You can read all progress reports related to other sprints, too.

Technologies Development

The primary immediate goal of Giant developers is to ease the introduction of smart contracts into the Giant blockchain - first in the testnet, then in the mainnet. This metagoal is followed by a myriad of small refactoring tasks. The existing blockchain network of Giant is now actively being prepared for smart contracts implementation. As a reminder, smart contracts are a crucial component of the future decentralized applications (DApps). In order not to make any mistakes along the way, ‘sporks’ - a new instrument of our coders - will be used for to significantly upgrade the verification of transactions. As always, all blockchain changes will be available to review on GitHub after they are made.

Giant CLI is, too, being prepared for smart contracts integration. As described by the people directly responsible for the process, the future version of the command line interface will be able to deploy smart contracts and display the information about them. And, of course, you will be able to call smart contract methods once the corresponding work is finished and implemented in the system.

The Giant smart contract virtual machine (similar to the Ethereum Virtual Machine) is almost complete, as already stated in the report on the previous sprint. There are still some minor tests and corrections to be made before the actual introduction may occur.

In addition, the Giant.Exchange binary options platform statistics tools are actively being built as you read these words, and the trading interface is nearing its final stages. Some final corrections in the code are still required. They will have been added by the end of the next week.

Social Media & Business Сontacts

Giant has set a new goal in this field — to redefine the Facebook and Reddit strategy with the help of the active members of the community. All social media channels must have good moderators. Potential candidates have yet to read all the techdocs of Giant in order to explain the terms to the newcomers.

Negotiations are being held with several YouTubers to publish a video about the platform and/or the underlying blockchain simultaneously with the upcoming serious website update.

The main social media platform of Giant - the Discord server - will see several interesting announcements. The Giant team has unanimously agreed to pay more attention to the social media in general.

Giant Coin needs to be available for as many cryptocurrency enthusiasts as possible, and another one of our strategic goals - exchange listing - will be pursued this sprint, too. Contact us if you own a cryptocurrency exchange and want Giant Coin to be included in the lists of available digital assets.

Educational Materials

While occasional articles are still possible, we are proud to inform you that all the main aspects of Giant blockchain and Giant.Exchange have already been outlined in the existing articles. You can always suggest your own topics in the comments in case you believe there are still some questions left unanswered. However, we strongly advise to read all what was already published - maybe you’ll find the needed answers there.

Despite this, we have yet another article almost ready — a massive and detailed comparison of Giant.Exchange with other binary options platforms. This research will also demonstrate how the crypto product ICO affects the development of the product itself. The financing source, tokens, the internal means of payment, the level of data storage decentralization, asset price source, Brokers, security issues and other aspects are all described for each platform chosen for review.

This does not mean that our sprint reports and backlogs will disappear - they will always be regularly published. The Giant community will also see new videos explaining the project purpose and features.

The Giant developers have repeatedly stressed that they could always use a hand - contact us if you think you can add value or have competences in marketing.

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