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Sprint #7 Backlog


The Giant project has a team of developers that is constantly upgrading the eponymous blockchain environment and is currently making the new binary options platform called Giant.Exchange. The working methodology called SCRUM has proven useful. One of the main features of SCRUM is designating tasks for the next two weeks. These two-week time boxes are called sprints.

The new sprint #7 (a period of 10-23 September 2018) will contain several new short-term goals. Giant will also continue to logically apply the experience of the previous sprints where needed.

Let’s see what Giant is doing to bring Giant.Exchange closer to release and to gradually improve the economic environment of Giant Coin (GIC).

Technologies Development

Giant has inherited several features from Dash and PIVX directly connected with financial payments: InstantSend and PrivateSend. As you can guess from the title, the latter can make your financial transactions much less visible to third parties. We are going to double-check the operability of this mechanism and upgrade it in case it doesn’t work as intended.

Another important objeсtive is related to one of most notable last-sprint achievements. The JavaScript engine V8 is now connected to the wallet code. Now we are going to rebuild the structure of transactions accordingly, as well as upgrade the mechanism of their validation.

The Giant command line interface (Giant CLI) will be seeing major changes. Several opportunities to work with Giant smart contracts are currently being added. In the future, the user will be able to deploy a smart contract and send it into the mempool, call the method of a smart contract or estimate the contract deploy price. There are other functions of Giant CLI which are being built as you read this text.


When it comes to the binary options trading platform, in comparison to the previous sprint, our focus has moved from general to particular: the Giant.Exchange trading pages and other sections of the upcoming website.

Our website will be updated during this sprint! The website design was one of the top goals of Giant during the last sprint and even before, and now we are getting ready to show the results to the public. The new website is not the only concern of Giant designers. The platform banners and other promotional images are also being created.

The Giant logo will be changed everywhere (old vs. new):

logo giant

Educational Materials

The project White Papers, while not being rewritten from scratch, are going to have certain stylistic improvements. We also plan to release an article which compares blockchain binary options platforms and Giant.Exchange. Soon you are going to see how the initial coin offering (ICO) boom of 2017 has affected some of the reviewed projects.

Business Contacts

The project needs an independent review from market experts and blockchain engineers. Giant is now working to raise the crypto community awareness about its cryptocurrency and decentralized applications based on its blockchain. The project advisors will guide the Giant developers and other team members.

Giant will continue to strive for new exchanges to make Giant Coin (GIC) available to more users. The more platforms will list our digital currency, the easier it will become for everyone to use Giant.Exchange and other decentralized apps in the future.

At the time of writing, not only the listing talks are being held with several exchanges. Cross-marketing for the Giant project development is one of the top priorities. Another important mission is to add the GIC / USD currency pair on as much platforms as possible so that it would be simpler for users to work with Giant.

Social Media

The project’s Discord server is one of the main centers of the activity of the whole community. We are now developing some new useful chatbots which will answer often-asked questions to newcomers. We have received a positive feedback about the chatbots which have already been installed, namely, the price bot.

The moderation policy will become stricter to those who write off-topic posts, for example, questions on masternode governance in the #trading chat.

A new private bounty is also mentioned in the internal management system. More details will follow later.

Your own advice on the project development is always welcome. Leave a comment under this material or join our Discord community to share your thoughts on where Giant is going.

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