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Sprint #6 Backlog


The Giant team works using an IT project management model called SCRUM, one of the necessary conditions of which is to thoroughly plan out every time-box called ‘sprint’. In Giant, one sprint equals two weeks. It has already become our tradition to post plans or backlogs regarding our new sprints and make retrospective articles about the concluded ones. You can read more about our progress achieved during Sprint #5 (13 August — 24 August 2018) in a separate material.

When describing this sprint (27 August - 9 September 2018), let’s start with the most important aspect of Giant - the actual technologies behind Giant.Exchange and its interface.

Technologies Development

According to our programmers, everything goes according to the previous plans: we are yet to fully integrate Chrome V8 Engine to the blockchain - this JS smart contract environment is a crucial component of the future binary options. The minimum viable product (MVP) of our smart contracts creation interface will provide a better comprehension of Giant.Exchange, ‘Oracle’ and ‘Binary option’ smart contracts. As a reminder, Giant.Exchange will be built in such a way that every option will be commenced in digital form and its transparent terms and data will ensure the deals safety. Various classic binary options fraud schemes connected with false identities will be prevented from the start.

Additionally, the core members of the team have already formulated the technical task on the front-end structure of Giant.Exchange and it will be soon published for open discussion. This leviathan material will include sneak-peeks of the trading interface and user dashboard. Although binary options contract creation may seem like a difficult task, the user-friendliness of our interface will make it easier than you may have anticipated.

Our back-end API development progress does not stand still. The back-end API can help display the following:

- the list of available nodes;
- the user activity;
- notifications.

In other words, we are actively creating a means of quick data provision for the decentralized binary options platform.

Some of our potential customers are becoming tired of words and are very eager to see the working prototype of Giant.Exchange, which is the main reason why we are going to focus on the beta version we have already announced in the previous materials. All the aforementioned technological steps are directly connected with this major task.

Business Contacts

No cryptocurrency project can become successful without the broad dissemination of its core ideas to potential investors. Last week, our Russian-based team member has visited a cryptocurrency event and found several interesting leads on the Giant promotion.

Meanwhile, the Giant advisor known as Cryptoslider has visited another cryptocurrency-related summit organized by Chicago Blockchain Project (CBP) and has made several interesting contacts, too. The work with the results of these two events will be one of the top priorities of Sprint #6.

Another long-term task is to expand contacts with digital platforms and price aggregators. One of the recent examples is MNRank - this website now provides info on our masternodes network. We are not going to rest on our laurels and will try our best to be included in the lists of other respected websites.

Educational Materials

Our recent move to the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus model is still echoing throughout the community. We have seen many questions connected with this topic and another one - IPv6 masternodes, a mechanism which among other things allows to establish several masternodes on a single server with few simple clicks. The demand of the community needs to be met, and this is why we will write two interesting articles related to these issues.

An easy explanation of blockchain governance aspects can be tricky, as the writer may inadvertently oversimplify them. This has been seen on a cryptocurrency news websites several times: after the articles were published, experts from this field criticized the superficial knowledge of the journalists. Every Giant educational material is pre-reviewed by the people directly connected with the described issues. We are pleased to see an overwhelmingly good reception of our previous articles.


The project website layout and the logo of Giant are being actively discussed by the team and the project investors. One of the most obvious related goals is the ‘do no harm’ principle: even the most popular websites and social media sometimes act rashly when updating the interface, leaving users confused with new changes. Another objective is to make the new logo recognizable and not bulky. Most rejected variants have not met this seemingly easy requirement. While the current website is far from being chaotic or hard-to-understand, everybody in the team agrees it must be upgraded.

The design of the binary options platform, as already mentioned above, is actively developed too. We aim to make the work simple for Traders, Brokers and Oracles alike.

Discord Community

The most vibrant hub of Giant supporters and critics is our Discord server. We will continue to watch over this environment, post immediate announcements and clarify any unexpected issues. Several new chat bots will be programmed, one of them will welcome newcomers and provide the basic information on our project.

Your own advice on the project development is always welcome. Leave a comment under this material or join our Discord community to share your thoughts on where Giant is going.

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