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Sprint #5 Backlog


In accordance with our obligations to keep the work as transparent as we can, this material explains what Giant will do in the next sprint. We have a list of immediate tasks in different work areas. Sprint #5 starts 13 August 2018 and ends 24 August 2018 COB.

Technologies Development

Giant developers have several major tasks at hand. Almost all of them are not in the early stages and nearing the phase of tests.

Chrome V8 or Google JS V8 needs to be connected to Giant and the corresponding testing will begin during this sprint.

Another objective is to change the existing format of transactions in such a way that smart contracts data will become available to store in each of them. Here, the Giant devs will also need to conduct important automatic tests.

The sandbox environment for our smart contracts is still under active development, its first version is planned to be released by the end of this sprint. This sandbox is called GiantJS SDK, it will allow users to deploy and manage experiments with new smart contracts.

In addition to all the fields of work listed above, we are starting to work on Giant.Exchange UI.

Human Resources

We have chosen several promising candidates on the position of JavaScript developer and we expect to find the best of them all by the end of the first sprint week. Our long efforts described in the previous articles are finally paying off.

We have also decided that the Giant team needs another JS developer who will focus more on smart contracts creation, upgrade and implementation. This will considerably accelerate the pace of Giant products development.

New Exchanges

One of the biggest achievements of Giant during the previous sprint was listing of Giant Coin on Coinmarketcap, a popular price aggregator used even by the respected press outlets. This, in turn, gives us more opportunities to be listed on new cryptocurrency exchanges.

We are now conducting a research of most perspective platforms and finding out the conditions of listing on each of them. The formulated value proposition will capitalize the project even more. The liquidity of our asset will raise the interest of many exchanges and some of them may even ease the terms of listing.

At the current phase, initial messaging becomes the most pressing matter in this field. Several tens of exchanges will get our offerings to negotiate on listing.


Although it might look easier than the programming of internal code of blockchain environments, the new design of Giant is still a challenging task. We are now reviewing the different variants of the website and logo design.

Our ultimate goal here is to ensure that a consistent corporate style is successfully created. We are close to reaching the final variant. After this happens, the website and related promotional content will be significantly updated.

Giant Team Initiative Voting

We would like to announce a new vote related to the initiative of the Giant team. This will dramatically raise the level of democracy in the Giant community and will bring our project closer to the ideals of decentralized governance we have already described in a dedicated essay. The voting procedure is to be established soon, keep up with our announcements on Discord.

Discord Community Roles

Discord is our most vibrant social media channel - you can always find latest announcements and new user posts there. Giant will soon add new user roles which will be based on the poster’s activity in a 14-day period of time.. Note that these roles will not be constant: the user will have to confirm them in the second 14-day cycle by reaching the same message count again.

Some roles, however, are constant: moderators chosen from the most active and communicative users will enter our team and receive a payment of 50 GIC. Another notable role is Advisor given to those who had shared a valuable experience on blockchain projects development. In addition, masternode owners will become Investors.

More information about this new set of changes on our Discord channel will be explained in separate articles which are currently pending final review.


Since the first day of Sprint #5, reports from the members of the Round One will be reviewed and those who have fully complied with our instructions will get their well-deserved reward.

Follow our news on Discord to be among the first people who will see the announcement of the Round Two of Facebook and Twitter campaigns.


Another one of our goals is to find those who can guide the project and speak on equal terms with our team. Giant advisors may warn us of the errors we can’t see ourselves, make some aspects of our work clearer to users and independently review the technology and overall blockchain environment.

We are glad to tell that we have found an interesting and reliable person familiar to the cryptocurrency space. This is not our only advisor, the search still continues.


Meanwhile, common users may find out why we call Giant Coin a liquid asset in several new articles. We have already published What is Giant Exchange, another material called Doing Business on Giant.Exchange is looming on the horizon. The latter article also explains how to get a good buck when operating on Giant.Exchange, while the former - explains what this binary options platform is all about.

Giant deems necessary to localize at least some of our educational materials to other languages. We are currently analyzing the means of their efficient dissemination, including the registration in Chinese social media channels. It is important to be clear and honest for every project - even if it’s not connected with cryptocurrencies. The current crypto market is becoming increasingly skeptical towards newcomers which makes the matter of customer education even more relevant.


The script for the first Giant video called What Is Giant.Exchange is currently being written. Some users may find this way of explaining binary options more illustrative and easy-to-understand than the article on the same issue. There will be another video called What is Giant Technology and it will be dedicated to a broader question, telling how the environment of Giant works. However, the text essays and White Papers may contain more technical details than these short videos.

We will continue to keep you updated on our next steps, breakthroughs and other news related to Giant. Stay tuned!

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