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Sprint #4 Backlog


In this material, Giant tells about its immediate plans for the next sprint - or key tasks the solution of which will prove beneficial for our users. These tasks are divided into separate topics. Sprint #4 starts 30 July 2018 and ends 12 August 2018 COB.

Human Resources

As already mentioned in the review of Sprint #3, one of the top priority goals of Giant is to adequately distribute powers and responsibilities which means hiring more professionals. Hiring a Project Manager, Giant will make the organizational model of the whole company even better, which will mean less communication delays and more swiftness in decision-making. We have a vast quantity of subtasks which require active supervision in order to fulfill the necessary deadlines and to ensure inclusive growth. A skilled PM will be able to adequately assess the team capabilities in order to provide a timely execution of our various objectives and to prevent the delay of our goals to the next sprints. That’s why our company needs a talented manager.

One more challenging goal in the sphere of human resources is hiring a competent JavaScript developer. We need an experienced front-end programmer, and frankly speaking, the competition for this position is quite high. We have stringent demands for a person who would like to make a valuable addition to the team of our large-scale blockchain project. In practice, this means establishing the reliable architecture of the user interface for Giant.Exchange — our digital currency brokerage platform.

Technologies Development

We have agreed to accelerate our efforts in building Giant SDK, a set of tools which will ease the development of GIC-based smart contracts. GiantJS SDK is another issue on the agenda of our programmers: this product will provide a sandbox testing area for new smart contracts.

Another separate mission that the dev team of Giant has started to fulfill is the creation of automated social media tools which will deliver timely messages on the status of Giant cryptocurrency (GIC) and about other project branches.

The actualization of tests makes another difficult mission for Giant. This process has taken more time than previously estimated, as the developers of some coins the structural elements of which we have used did not bother to make their test nets stable (with Alqo as the main negative example — this still can’t be said about Bitcoin, Dash and PIVX). We consider it very important to have unit tests in working order for the upcoming regression testing.


More people need to know about the sophisticated and prospective nature of our blockchain environment, as judging by the feedback, there are still some misconceptions and speculations present. To widely inform the crypto sphere, we need more channels of dissemination. The corresponding research together with the opening of such channels naturally makes a crucial component of Giant progress.

We have also just launched a new customer loyalty program (also known as bounty) on Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. First reports tell that we had received 1000+ applications just in 24 hours. The management of the first round of this bounty program is one of the most immediate issues of Sprint #4, as well as the selection of participants.

If you are a cryptocurrency observer or have a recognized experience in this field, you can participate in the review of our products to provide an additional feedback. You are also welcome to share your recommendations and opinions on the current project status by contacting us through our social media channels. If you are an influential media person, you can become a Bounty Ambassador — a key figure in a separate campaign or in the ones that already exist.


Here in Giant, we are making sure that users understand what we are doing. Several upcoming educational materials will provide an insight into various aspects of our internal blockchain development decisions and tell about the most remarkable features of GIC. One of such articles will explain why we deem blocks commission burning beneficial for the whole GIC community, another will outline the best features of DASH and Ethereum we have decided to implement, and the third material will be a big and detailed interview with the project founders. Additionally, we have plans for several video materials about the main distinguishing components of the Giant blockchain and its usage in Giant.Exchange.

These goals would not be achieved unless we took on board an experienced technical writer who will broadcast our vision in a concise and clear manner. This will lead to increase in productivity of the rest of the team.


The Giant team values the comments of our users regarding the design of the website and aims to improve it accordingly. We’ve received significant contribution from the community in a brand new #logo-challenge channel. That means that you, too, can make a contribution to the ongoing process of GIC evolution. The creation of a brandbook (or a detailed document describing the graphic appearance of Giant), a recognizable corporate style, the interface of financial services including our wallet and Giant.Exchange — all these significant challenges are yet to be solved by our new designer whom we have hired at the end of Sprint #3. User-friendliness is the main bedrock of our front-end development principles.

As one can see above, most tasks set by the management of Giants are practical and challenging yet possible to solve in the set time period. We will continue to keep you updated on our next steps, breakthroughs and other news related to Giants.
Stay tuned!

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