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Sprint #18 Backlog


The Giant team wants to report on its immediate plans regarding research and development (R&D) and product marketing. The next sprint of two weeks (18 February - 3 March 2018) are likely to be tranquil for our team, as most aspects of our tasks have already been outlined in the middle of Sprint #17. Everyone is having a clear picture on what to do to improve Giant. Before reading the material, you can take a look at our team to understand who we are talking abou below.

Technologies Development

Giant smart contracts remain our number-one priority, with Giant Tech Lead Dmitry Filinberg spearheading the coordinated process. As we already described in the article about Sprint #17, GiantJS Dev Alexei Bokarev is going to continue working on a sensitive mechanism of smart contract operational fees. We are glad to tell you that the complex smart contract system becomes even clearer for Alexei each new sprint, as during our Skype sessions, Dmitry Filinberg doesn’t have to clarify some crucial parts of Giant Contracts for him anymore.

Dmitry Myachin, Giant blockchain developer, will assist his colleagues just as he did throughout the previous two weeks. Smart contract naming and the user ability to find a particular smart contract in the network is another notable Giant Contracts system feature that will be under active construction. Thanks to his efforts, the future version of Giant blockchain transactions will be able to contain a piece of JavaScript code of executed smart contracts. In order to make it happen he modifies the transaction structure.

The website of Giant.Exchange (GEX) — the first working decentralized app on the Giant blockchain — will be checked for any potential internal bugs and interface design errors. We’ve always believed that Ablai, Almas and Denis are doing a great work on GEX back-end and front-end. Ablai additionally reports that he will focus on the binary options trading page design implementation this week. We will also continue to work on one of the components of Giant.Exchange is Giant.Signer - an extension similar to Ethereum MetaMask that allows to safely verify user requests to any Giant blockchain node with private keys and read decentralized applications without any executable files.


Even before Giant.Exchange is released, Pavel Bulatov will be making a study of the binary options market to satisfy not only crypto enthusiasts, but also binary options traders. As a result of these efforts, Giant.Exchange may become a bridge between two economic worlds and attract a multitude of different customers. His responsibilities will also include the review of GEX design and its landing page layout.

The operative reaction to community requests is one of many responsibilities of Mikhail Maximov. With the help of Nikolay Korinets who delivers you quality English texts and Anastasia Chumachenko who publishes this content in time, Mikhail is going to continue to form the Giant agenda. You may see another community survey in the following days. Nikolay is likely to establish new contacts with independent Proof-of-Stake dev teams to understand how various people see this market and which technologies they deem the most reliable. The Proof-of-Stake projects’ economic stats are necessary for the team to use for strategic planning.

Last but not least, the current Giant Coin website indexing is one of the main tasks of Almas this sprint, as there are many other companies and brands called Giant. We can also track the SEO quality now that Giantpay.Network has been indexed by major search engines.

It is in our best interests to make a quality Giant blockchain and GEX — a proof of its viability. Your advice on the project development is always welcome on our vibrant Discord server.