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Sprint #17 Backlog


The Giant team wants to share with you some noteworthy facts about the next sprint — from 4 to 17 February 2019. The work of our team and the short-term objectives of Giant can be found in this material.

Technologies Development

It’s no secret that the Giant blockchain is based on several other cryptocurrency project findings, and one of the most important priorities since the last year was to clear the system of negative legacy. Today we can state that most errors and corrupted bits of code connected to this matter are cleared. Dmitry Myachin was largely responsible for this and soon, he will become focused on smart contracts development. He’s got one additional issue to deal with: the automatic compilation of Giant wallet client software binary files for Windows and Mac OS after making commits to the code on GitHub. This will optimize the process of future client updates creation.

GiantJS, a testing area for Giant contracts and corresponding console commands will see first dummy transactions. The dev department will research the most promising ways to deploy, validate and transfer contracts and look into the methods to calculate the costs of these operations. There are several different open-source smart contracts management strategies (Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Lisk) and this experience of smart contract transactions costs evaluation already helps us to find optimal solutions for our system. In the end, we need to have a clear model of Giant Contracts economy.

The Giant.Exchange (GEX) developers Ablai Tursumbekov and Denis Seliverstov will continue to develop and upgrade the interface elements and prepare the back-end side of GEX to connect to Giant Contracts after GiantJS is released. As a reminder, we already have a clear idea of how the platform is going to look.


You might remember our detailed review of blockchain binary options — read it now in case you haven’t before. We want to expand the research to the wider binary options market and collect as much feedback on the problems of this business as we can. We hope this will allows us to avoid many mistakes and use only the best practices in the future.

The Giant team members are also forming the plan for a binary options traders market research. This is an extremely important issue: we need to know how our future clients will perceive the arsenal of tools offered by Giant.Exchange (GEX).

The Giant mission statement draft is being prepared. Naturally, we want the community to play a significant role in the Giant promotion strategy as well. This fair launch model gives Giant Coin a decisive advantage in comparison to, say, ICOs. Just as you read these words, the Giant team is creating a framework that will open up an opportunity for the active participants of the Giant community to make a contribution within their area of expertise.

What we also seeking is to keep up the expansion of Giant on various online platforms — for example, masternode services and cryptocurrency investment portfolio management websites. Just like any other cryptocurrency enterprise, Giant Coin would benefit from the wider use as a means of payment and we are open to any viable offerings in this regard.