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Sprint #16 Backlog


The next sprint (21 January - 3 February 2019) will be filled with various tasks connected to Giant blockchain, our ongoing block rewards vote, the preparations for the superblock mechanism introduction that will make future votes less difficult to conduct and to other activities. You are strongly encouraged to read our previous progress reports that allow to see the Giant project evolution.

Technologies Development

Since the second half of the last year, the future Giant smart contracts system has become a persistent topic in our internal development tools of communication. While the assessment of all of the parts of the system by Alexei Bokarev may take some time, he provides a good second opinion on all the important day-to-day aspects of Giant.Contacts. At the time of writing, he has made an interesting proposal which standardizes the creation of a typical smart contract. Dmitry is likely to review it just as we enter Sprint #16.

Dmitry Filinberg and Dmitry Myachin — will, too, be focused on the Giant blockchain improvement and prepare the system for the introduction of smart contracts necessary for all decentralized applications working on the Giant blockchain.

The Giant blockchain will see a mandatory wallet client update after the block rewards distribution vote — and together with the change based on the final poll results, the technology of Superblocks will become activated. This may not happen during this sprint but the major step towards this event will be the decision taken by the active members of the Giant community. In case of any errors with the vote mechanism, it is up to us to fix them. So far, the masternode owner Discord role verification works exactly as intended. More about this can be read in the previous sprint results.

Giant.Exchange is under active development too, and one can say that the existence of a clear and well-defined technical task has been one of the major reasons of major strides we’ve made in the area of front-end. Strengthening the sustainability of this progress is one of our top priorities. Ablai Tursumbekov and Denis Seliverstov continue to tune the interface for traders, brokers and oracles.

Public Relations

The Giant team members, namely, Mikhail and Nikolay, are going to monitor the crypto market to find out the best and the worst practices of community governance. There are a lot of digital currencies which claim to use the best user management solutions as part of their blockchain networks, but in reality the picture may be quite different. Our own governance initiative — the vote dedicated to the distribution of block rewards — will not escape the attention of Mikhail and Nikolay either. We need to ensure that the results of the vote are fair and to oversee the process we have started. As a reminder, this is going to be a one-of-its-kind procedure: all other votes in the future are planned to be based on a simpler mechanism called Superblock budget allocation which has already been tested out by several other cryptocurrency collectives.

On today’s cryptocurrency market, you can find a lot of masternode-related services with quite liberal rules of listing and a lot of new potential audience. Expanding the range of such platforms where Giant Coin (GIC) is available is part of our long-term strategy. Additionally, Pavel Bulatov, one of the founders of the whole Giant project responsible for external communications, will continue to exchange experience with Trittium and several other projects and media channels.

The Giant masternode owners have seen an example of the future Giant.Exchange design - the Trading Page appeared in the dedicated chat on Discord. We are going to collect the feedback and calibrate the interface even more if the need arises.

We are going to keep you aware of the day-to-day Giant team activities in our short materials on Discord. Everybody interested in the project will get even more immediate announcements which are not present on this website due to their short size.