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Sprint #14 Backlog


This new sprint is going to be special, as it will lay the groundwork for the whole 2019. Let’s review Giant activities for the next two weeks (17-30 December 2018) and see the most important objectives. This following report is one of the last Giant materials you are going to see this year! Time sure flies by…

Technologies Development

Dmitry Myachin is currently creating a useful mechanism of Giant wallet software which will allow to change their structure much faster in the future. This is made to swiftly prevent any security bugs in case they are found.

Tech Lead Dmitry Filinberg continues to enlighten JS Developer Alexei Bokarev on the future smart contract environment of Giant. Dmitry has recently come up with a new optimized tactics of Giant.Exchange prototype display for his colleagues. Smart contracts storage questions are actively being researched as well.

Alexei has expressed his intention to delve into the actual Giant.Exchange day-to-day processes even deeper. He is also going to focus on the GiantJS network command which displays the data on available accounts and smart contracts.

Our Giant.Exchange Front-End Dev Ablai Tursumbekov is currently awaiting Dmitry’s review on front-end matters connected with Giant.Exchange deals interface. See the related GitHub commits on this page (click Files Changed). Front-End Dev Jr. Denis Seliverstov, in turn, awaits the review of the task connected with Giant.Exchange activities - the basic layout of the activities table will be updated if Ablai deems it necessary.

Although we are very pleased with the current Giantpay.network website, you can never have enough optimization. Almas and Ian will add more contribution to the site structure this sprint, ensuring its safe and stable work.

Everybody mentioned above will also have several collective meetings on our challenges for the next year and following these talks, new strategic tasks will be formulated.

Public Relations

We are yet to develop a full-fledged Giant promotion strategy for the approaching year although it’s already clear that we need to take a closer look at some crypto projects with economic decentralization goals similar to ours. Plans include extensive communications with Alqo in connection with their platform called Bitfineon and another project called Trittium.

In respect to Giant.Exchange (which, as we have to remind here, is only one of many dApps possible to implement on the shoulders of Giant blockchain), we want to increase mutually-beneficial ties with binary options industry experts. Giant seeks to launch an application that will adequately respond to the needs of the binary options veterans - without, of course, violating our basic goals you can read in our White Papers and older materials. Giant.Exchange (GEX) must be a platform satisfactory both for crypto market enthusiasts and fiat market traders.

On Discord, we are yet to hold a notable vote that will affect the whole Giant economy. The Giant Coin (GIC) block reward may be changed as a result - of course, if our community decides it’s the best option for the long term. New rules will become effective immediately after the vote results are clear.

As for our materials, you will see a usual Sprint News report together with a separate article dedicated to the results of this year for Giant. There have been several major strides for this enterprise this year and we would like to address them properly.

Overall, we are going to work this sprint with the next year in mind while also finishing some old issues from 2018. In the community chat, you can express your own opinion on our performance this year and tell what you would love to see us do in 2019. Let us roll up our sleeves and work collectively in the last sprint of 2018!