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Sprint #13 Backlog


Another period of two weeks has passed and once again, we meet a new one. This report outlines our plans for the next sprint (3-16 December 2018). Here you can read what tasks our team is currently facing and learn interesting details about the teamwork and community engagement.

Technologies Development

Our regular readers are aware that the Giant developers do not finish anything before it’s indeed ready, and this approach will be used with our smart contracts system, too. At the time of writing, Alexei is doing a great deal of work to ensure the lack of bugs and to optimize the workflow. Throughout the ongoing process, he will be communicating with Dmitry on these matters just like he did before. On a screenshot below, you can see a part of his work related to GiantJS - a future public sandbox for smart contracts.


Alexei is also working on the parser logic to make an adequate assessment of Giant smart contracts. Now he’s finalizing the function that will calculate the whole syntax of smart contracts. The user who generates a contract will see the corresponding stats, including its creation cost.

Meanwhile, the Giant.Exchange Front-End (with Ablai and Denis as responsible parties) is being checked for different bugs. For instance, the addClassOpacity function is likely to be replaced with computed get/set and used in the rendering. Another proposal by Ablai is to use setInterval in the variable and clear this parameter in beforeDestroy, or else its work will not be as optimal as it should be when visiting the trading portfolio page.

Overall, we plan the Giant.Exchange creation and the preparation of the Giant blockchain for this massive dApp with great cautiousness and attention to details because in case we fail, a lot of people can suffer.

Social Media & Informational Materials

In the past, the resources deficiency was a reason of some loose ends when it comes to our social media channels. Anastasia will publish several old materials on our blog channels:

The Giant social media management and materials publication efficiency has considerably grown due to the expansion of the team which we have already described before. Together with our improved methods of external communications, this will undoubtedly bring positive results.

And what about the Giant website? While the main work has already been done, there are yet some things to improve, namely the news publication mechanism and the publication of some texts recently created by Nikolay in cooperation with Mikhail.

We have decided to delve more deeply into a vital theme of your funds security. There will be a large article dedicated to the most commonly-met fraud schemes, how to counter them and outplay the financial criminals.

The Giant core members will soon introduce a separate project which will be both useful for the crypto industry and will not distract us from the main goals. This new project accumulates the experience gained by the Giant team and provides valuable insights. More details will be coming this sprint!

What Giant wants is a good and working blockchain, optimized decentralized applications and the public awareness about the many uses cases the technology provides. Should any additional tasks appear, we may describe them in our quick updates on Discord. Check it out to see more about Giant, chat with the developers or join the masternode owners private chat if you have a Giant masternode in possession.