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Sprint #11 Backlog


Here’s a report concerning the Giant work during 5-18 November 2018. The Giant team meets the eleventh sprint with high hopes: a team that has seen two serious additions will work even harder to bring you a solid product without any bugs or structural flaws. See below what we plan to do. You can also read older progress reports by following this link.

Technologies Development

As the regular followers of Giant may know, our backlogs and sprint reports were not always containing groundbreaking announcements due to the fact that we were more focused on the most basic goals that required a lot of devs attention throughout several sprints. Now that these tasks are complete, the situation has changed: the internal communication system of Giant is filled with much more understandable Giant.Exchange interface and user-system interaction goals.

For example, the Giant.Exchange Trading page still has some improvements to do, but our newcomers and veterans have already reached a mutual understanding on Giant technologies and the team will be able to start working on this issue from the very beginning of the sprint. Same can be said about the brokers list (on Giant team meetings, binary options are sometimes called brokers). A lot of work has been done during the previous time period of two weeks and this sprint, this task going to be much easier. Another similar task is the list of binary options deals. Both BT and TT (Broker vs. Trader and Trader vs. Trader) deal cycles have already been described on Discord.

The Giant blockchain will be able to maintain several decentralized applications (DApps) by using itself as an underlying structure. In order to make this possible, a set of tasks has been created. The Giant smart contracts command system will have been further improved this sprint.

Parallel to the Giant.Exchange development, there is also an ongoing research of structures that already exist for their future optimization. The experience of PIVX and ALQO - the closest equivalents of Giant Coin - is also taken into consideration.

Social Media & Informational Materials

The deanonymization of our team is one of the top tasks this sprint: we have already designed the page and now its actual implementation is what we are going to do. Another interesting idea which emerged as a result of our community feedback experience is to create another community survey (or, as one of the team members suggested, even create an article based on your most frequent questions). Our interview to Altcoin Magazine is almost ready. Also, founders of Giant Project are giving a separate interview about them, their goals, incentives and vision of crypto.

As the Giant digital economy grows, fraudsters and hackers will undoubtedly try to exploit it and manipulate cryptocurrency holders in order to gain control over their funds. To prevent this situation, a separate material is being prepared. It’s dedicated to the most common social engineering schemes and tells how to counter them.