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Smart Contracts Security Discussion


We would like to tell about a good strategic advantage of Giant Contracts that will seriously contribute to all future dApps security.

It's no secret that smart contracts made on new programming languages have mistakes often missed by their original creators. One of the most illustrative examples is Solidity - this was recently pointed out by Duncan Coutts (Computer Science PhD) from Input Output Hong Kong, an independent team of experienced blockchain engineers.

As he says, the problem is that some programming languages have well-established practices of software creation, while others are still too young. Because of that, smart contract creators leave unfixed errors which can lead to DAO hacks.

JavaScript developer Alexei Bokarev who’s responsible for delivering of Giant Contracts joins this discussion and tells that the programming language itself is very rarely to blame for security vulnerabilities - ultimately, it's still about the people responsible for code writing and about their skills.

The future smart contracts system on the Giant blockchain will have less chances to become compromised because of a human error by the decentralized apps creators: all of such contracts will be written on a language that is widely-known and researched by the large coding community - JavaScript. This is how we seek to make Giant Contracts available for the widespread use. This will also ensure that every Giant smart contract is a job well done.