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Message to the Giant Community


Dear Giant community members!

The Giant team has made transparency a defining attribute of the enterprise. We share with you not only the development progress steps, but also the general state of things in the project and our own understanding of the cryptocurrency market as a whole. We’ve always declared our goals openly - from global to more specific. We would like to remind you about the point we had started from.

Our ultimate mission is to create a technology compatible with actual business processes and able to change thanks to the mechanism of self-governance.

Since the moment the Giant blockchain has been launched, the team has been growing in quality and quantity. We have been increasing our understanding of the processes of blockchain development, community management and marketing. Among other beneficial results, this increase has allowed us to create project Staker.tech. We want to use it as an online platform to make the market more transparent and user-friendly, raise the level of public understanding of the cryptocurrency consensus algorithm called Proof-of-Stake.

Three months ago, we’ve made a fundamental decision to continue financing the project by using our own funds. Even more, the Giant team has been increasing its own portfolio by purchasing cheap sell orders. The new project will finally allow us to become fully self-sufficient and thanks to Staker.tech, we will no longer be dependent on short-term Giant Coin fluctuations.

This is why now we are not afraid to admit that the Giant smart contract technology will not be introduced into the Giant blockchain mainnet in 2018. We want to openly declare the objectives we are facing but we are not willing to repeat the mistakes of other project by making promises of these goals. Of all thousands of blockchain projects today, nobody was so close to the addition of smart contracts in a running blockchain like Giant. During the initial assessment of the future workloads we could not recognize all the additional bottlenecks we later found - that is because our technology is one of its kind and nobody before us made anything similar. Despite these tough news, every unique solution we found only boosted our motivation to work further.

We want to continue moving in this direction and use as much time as we need. Just like other projects (e.g. Ethereum and ALQO), we are no longer setting any deadlines online. All of our current progress and approximate readiness can be estimated with GitHub, Trello and our usual sprint reports. Quite soon, we are going to update you on the Giant.Exchange and GiantJS development.

Thanks for following our project and for your efforts in the Giant blockchain decentralization! Without your passionate support, we wouldn’t have been able to launch and secure our blockchain from attacks. We promise that the level of transparency will stay as high as it is right now. You are yet to see the project success with your own eyes!