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Masternode Owner Verification Process


Today, masternode owners play a crucial role in the Giant project ecosystem. They take active participation in the votes, review the layouts of the future releases before anyone else and send a valuable feedback to the Giant team. The actual list of such investors is under constant change and update because investors come and go, and it is in the best interests for the Giant Community to have a Discord server that reflects these changes in time.

Keeping in mind all the importance of masternode owners for the future of the project, we have decided to partly automate the verification process for new masternode investors. This will help us ensure that only active Giant Coin users are keeping the Discord role of masternode owner. Thanks to this optimization, we can make sure that all the early project participants remain active.

Cryptography offers a quick solution — namely, data hashing with the help of public key. This procedure is often called digital signature. Its unique nature is that only the key owner can sign a piece of information with it, whilst anyone can verify the signature.

The whole process is simple and doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.

  1. You need to open your Giant Wallet and then click File -> Sign message. No network synchronization needed.
  2. Type in the Giant address connected to your enabled masternode.
  3. Type in your Discord nickname (use the image as a sample).
  4. Click Sign Message.
  5. Copy the address, the message text and your Signature.
  6. Then send this info to the following Discord accounts: Nastya_Manager#1781 or Bruttagente#9549.
  7. If you don’t use Discord but want to take part in a vote, send this info on community@giantpay.network instead. You must replace the nickname with your email address.

After completing this procedure, your masternode status will be displayed automatically via Giant Explorer API. If the masternode status changes from enabled to* missing*, this will lead to the loss of the MN-owner Discord role. This is why we ask you to contact us in case your masternode address has changed. We hope for you to be as active as always, and let’s raise the Giant Community quality to the next level together!