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March Results


The Giant CoreTeam now switches to the new format of progress reports. We are looking for a balance in delivering the overall picture without drowning in details. Processes in the project can be divided into following categories:

  • Development
  • Community building
  • Marketing

Each of these activities has its own goals and specific tasks. Development results in the technology that can outperform existing solutions in specific areas. Marketing aims to position the technology where it has the highest value. Community contributes to both processes, raises awareness among crypto sphere and increases the pace of mass adoption. Let’s see what we’ve achieved in each area for the past month.


Giant Contracts

The transactions system has been upgraded with the support of versioning. It will ease transition from the current blockchain version to the one with smart contracts. New fields were added to the transaction. Also, certain modifications were added, such as a hashing mechanism, serialization/deserialization and coding/decoding of transaction, transaction signature, unit tests.

V8 engine has been updated to a more stable version.

Sporks for smart contracts activation have been added.

Our Blockchain developers got started with a validation mechanism for “deploy” and ”call” transactions. Its goals is to make sure that full nodes are able to check the required field, smart contract address and to initiate V8 engine launch.


On the Dashboard page, the design for the user’s statistics tab is now ready. It will display statistics for each one of three possible roles on the exchange, such as broker, trader, oracle. Special attention was dedicated to a high quality infographic.

In order to increase data management effectiveness on the exchange GraphQL was integrated. GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with existing data.

To speed up the pages layout production we are creating a storybook. It includes design elements which can be used repeatedly whilst making different pages layout for different platforms. At the same time we are integrating a new design for the trading page. Front-end and page layout are different things, so the front-end needs to be adopted to business logic and visual elements.

Useful pop-ups on the trading page are also under construction. These will quickly display information about deals and brokers. The deals pop-up has been completed and added to the GEX beta. You can check it if you place a test bet on the page and see the bet in the deals list.


The concept of a Giant Community Team has been introduced to the first members who volunteered to contribute to the project. At the moment community team members significantly help with reading materials we produce and social media. Several other initiatives by other participants are to be developed soon. One of the goals is, for example, the promotion of Giant in the Linkedln social network. Also, Giant Contracts technology needs fair assessment and review from blockchain specialists. We are working on a short introduction that allows to differentiate it from other smart contract systems. A detailed roadmap of Giant Contract development is a first step in that direction. Everyone is welcome to have a look and comment.


To present the Giant Project to the target audience of masternodes investors we created the landing page: “Why people trust Giant”, which outlines why Giant has outperformed much of the market for almost one year. Various metrics were used to assess results and make this conclusion. Thereby, it became clear that for continuing progress we need to develop the image of global blockchain that can help in solving business challenges. Partially, these ideas were shared in the message to Giant Community recapping Q1 results.

Please share your thoughts on how we can improve the format of our progress reports and stay tuned!