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Latest Sprint News: The Last Two Weeks Of 2018


The next year is just around the corner and it’s time we shared the results of the last sprint of 2018. The backlog of Sprint #14 is available to analyze and compare with this material.

To better understand what the past year meant for Giant, you can read our old sprint backlogs and reports - from the establishment of general points of our work and obvious limitations due to the human resources deficiency, we have made a truly giant jump to optimized day-to-day processes. Each member of the vastly-expanded team understands the long-term and short-term goals of Giant and personal tasks — there is a clear distribution of roles and powers.

One of the challenges we faced this year was the move of the Giant blockchain to Proof-of-Stake. This has utterly destroyed the plans of malicious market manipulators to use NiceHash and similar rented mining services to get a quick revenue without adding any contribution to the project. We planned to use this consensus anyway but the quicker move has been much more beneficial. Before taking this measure, we have consulted with the community and the majority has expressed support of the idea.

New team members have dramatically increased the quality of both the Giant development and online presence. We meet 2019 with high hopes. But let’s get back to the results of the last two weeks!

Technologies Development

You are undoubtedly interested in the progress in the field of Giant.Exchange - the first decentralized app of Giant. The smart contracts system and their sandbox (GiantJS) is actively researched and improved by Alexei Bokarev with the help of Dmitry Filinberg. This sprint, smart contract blockchain transaction issues were reviewed: there are two types of how a typical transaction can be made and sometimes, the properties belonging to different types of transactions overlap with each other. Alexei pursues maximal optimization in this field, as the future smart contracts system will become a foundation for several decentralized applications (dApps). He is currently working with the transactions metadata that contains the description of contract methods - thanks to the said metadata, Giant smart contracts can be monitored and called. Alexei tells that sometimes his work goes beyond smart contracts - the mempool, PoS block mining, wallets are researched too.

Being the initial leader of the project, Dmitry Filinberg has delegated the general oversight to Maria this year and focused on the Giant blockchain and Giant.Exchange tasks formulation, active review and improvement. This is evidenced by the activities he engaged in during this sprint:

  • the date and time format on Giant.Exchange for different regions;
  • the oracles underlying asset data sourcing matters;
  • the Giant.Exchange deals listing.

Together with DF, Ablai Tursumbekov and Denis Seliverstov have been responsible for front-end matters: the Activities page containing the history of user actions and the binary options list - our large long-term goal. Different actions on the platform can result in various message boxes displayed - and this, too has been a concern of Ablai and Denis. All this experience will be used in other Giant decentralized applications, namely Giant.Bet - a sports betting platform.

Social Media

A great deal of our attention was dedicated to the Giant blockchain block rewards distribution vote - Nikolay has described the reasons behind its launch in a separate article. You can also read a new Giant Insight to have an even better understanding of the rewards distribution technological aspects. Here it’s better to tell about the progress we already made in this field.

The initial announcement has provoked a vibrant community discussion and a wave of new proposals. Quickly reacting to this, the Giant team has created a solid framework for vote option candidates. At the time of writing, 5 applications have passed the moderation and will be present in the first stage of the vote (and again, we recommend to read the aforementioned article to see what’s the difference between the first and the second stage). The vote options table is available on Google Doc online. We are certain that this process is what the economic decentralization is all about - and the next votes will be even easier to understand due to the upcoming Superblock mechanism.

The Giant community has given us a useful advice on the market promotion strategy. Here we would like to especially mention several participants: Koт#806 and Stanec#7777 have expressed interesting ideas on how not to repeat the mistakes of various cryptocurrencies in which the similar governance mechanism is already active. Send us the best decentralization practices and masternode projects you deem prospective.

Business Contacts

The Giant enterprise external communications have greatly expanded with the following results.

Giant is now a member of the platform called TrttNodes (associated with Trittium). At the moment, 8 new masternodes have been launched with its use. Pavel and the leaders of Trittium continue the mutually-beneficial dialogue and plan several next joint initiatives. This is exactly what we planned at the start of this sprint.

Melchionda Network may become our next partner too, the negotiations are still ongoing. The Giant project wants to become a top masternode project in the next quarter (Q1 2019).

Anastasia Chumachenko, Almas Abdrazak and Ian Burtovoy continue to work on the Giant pages and publications to make the Giant enterprise even more attractive for potential partners. Meanwhile, Nikolay cooperates with Mikhail to watch the tactics and steps made by projects similar to ours - this can be called market intelligence.

We are currently forming our strategy for 2019 and it’ll result in certain tasks given to the marketing department at the beginning of the year. We’ll grab a few days rest and get back on track relieved and focused. However, crypto never sleeps, so our Discord will remain responsive and Mikhail will continue accepting requests for the upcoming vote.