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Latest Sprint News: No More Burnout


The Giant team is presenting yet another sprint report. You can read the backlog to see our initial hopes for this sprint and below, you are going to see what actually happened. We are still committed to the ‘less PR speech, more actual results’ principle and ready to share the details of our work.


Welcome aboard, three new members - Ian, Anastasia and Denis! Now that the team has been joined by the new Java Full Stack Developer, a Content Manager and a Front End Dev respectively, the speed of the Giant teamwork has dramatically increased. This is evidenced by how some long-standing issues have either been solved or seen a lot of progress during this sprint. This becomes especially true when talking about the Giant.Exchange website - despite the fact that it’s already better than the previous version, some issues needed fixing. This has become possible thanks to Ian and Anastasia.

Meanwhile, the third new Giant project participant Denis Seliverstov has started to help Ablai with the Giant.Exchange Activity tab. This is an important component of the marketplace, as it shows the history of user actions. The results of their collaboration can be seen on GitHub. The Deals list was another top concern of Ablai and Denis among with the list of current Giant.Exchange self-governance proposals put to the vote.

Overall, we can state that our decision to hire new members is already paying out positively for the Giant project. Everybody has experienced burnout - when there’s a lot of tasks you must solve and nobody’s helping. This is absolutely unacceptable because if the team member stress is increased, the quality of the end product falls. Now we can state that everybody’s doing their job without distracting to anything else.

Technologies Development

This field of work, too, was in close connection with the positive changes in the Giant team, and here we can add that Alexei Bokarev had already adapted to the day-to-day processes and he is making great efforts to optimize GiantJS. Alexei is preparing a table of smart contract methods which will be included in the Giant documentation in the future. The execution fees calculation is a serious question researched by Alexei in cooperation with Dmitry. And again, the Giant fans who are skilled in programming can assess a part of the work made by Alexei on GitHub. His findings in the area of code conversion can be found on another page. Your comments on Discord are welcome. And here’s also a part of the dialogue between Dmitry and Alexei illustrating how Dmitry is always ready to provide a response for an inquiry regarding the internal smart contracts mechanism:

constructor () {
        this.balances = new Map()

  • AB: How is this.balances getting into the contracts? As I understand, simultaneously with the pfe function, or is it inserted during the contract creation?
  • DF: this.balances is the initialization of the field in the smart contract class constructor. The smart contract class constructor is executed during the smart contract deploy.

This was only a glimpse of the ongoing and productive discussion between Alexei Bokarev and Dmitry Filinberg. The second opinion provided by Alexei is undoubtedly going to improve the foundation of the Giant contracts and all future decentralized applications built with the use of the technology.

Social Media & Marketing

The Giant.Exchange landing page design has become known to public. You can leave your thoughts on Discord and thus take part in the creation of the marketplace yourself. The text content for this page will be one of the primary concerns of Nikolay in the near future.

Giant has launched a completely new Telegram channel with posts on the recent events connected to our work. This would be extremely beneficial for those who use Telegram as a primary source of news.

Giant.Exchange will see additional materials, including a video regarding its advantages over classic binary option brokerages. Throughout this sprint, there was an active work on this vid, and it is likely to appear online before the end of this year.

A new survey has been composed, and its questions are connected with both Giant Coin and Giant-related products. The results have already been analyzed and necessary steps towards further project improvement will be taken.

The Giant materials publication process is now optimized, meaning no article is left unposted before it’s too late.