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Latest Sprint News: Giant.Exchange Design and Smart Contracts


Another two-week sprint has almost gone and again we greet a new one. It’s time to see what we’ve achieved from 10 to 23 September 2018 - the transparent coverage of our work remains one of our long-term objectives. Setting short-term tasks and completing them in two weeks comes from the project management model called SCRUM. You can read previous progress reports on our website.

Technologies Development

A serious task is almost complete — the Giant smart contracts virtual machine which is directly connected with the smart contracts deployment, method calling, changing and storage. Final corrections are to be made at the beginning of the next sprint.

All tasks connected with the integration of smart contracts in the Giant blockchain are very sensitive — this is why it was longer than we initially planned. It’s always better to take a slower approach than to act rashly when it comes to our customers’ assets and financial transactions. Smart contracts can be hacked if made incorrectly or in haste — and it is in the best interests of us all to prevent such disasters.

What’s more positive here is that we’ve found and fixed a lot of bugs due to the well-timed tests actualization. The mock structures are ready and have been used several times to ultimately optimize the work of the real foundation of the Giant.Exchange.

The Giant.Exchange website structure is being established very actively, several major steps have been made in the fields of underlying assets and price motion data graphics. This naturally brings us to the next point of the material - the proper display of binary options trading data.


This sprint was largely dominated by the Giant.Exchange design objectives: technical tasks for new Giant.Exchange interface elements and the new additions to our website required a lot of diligence. The first set of goals included the proper display of trading information for the future traders - the data on underlying asset, Oracles, daily trade volume, binary options statistics and the user reputation system. Creating a stats mechanism needs attention but designing it for the end user is equally important.

The new Giant project website, on the other hand, has seen some additions to the main page with short explanations on the aspects of our work. The Giant.Exchange front-end required much more efforts.

Educational Materials

In full accordance with our plans, Giant White Papers have been thoroughly edited this sprint. The project properties actualization and text design were the cornerstones of this process. These materials will be updated quite soon simultaneously with the website redesign.

Two new articles on Giant have been published after completing a careful review procedure by the people directly related to the development process - this ensures the lack of factual errors.

The first material tells about what led the Giant team to create a new blockchain instead of using that of Ethereum and why we are not reinventing the wheel in doing so. The newcomers often ask why don’t we hold our own initial coin offering (ICO) - the same article has an answer to this question as well.

The second essay is a reminder that Giant does not equal a binary options platform called Giant.Exchange - this technology can potentially be applied in other financial spheres, too. While Giant.Exchange will be a good test for the blockchain environment behind it, it will be just a first decentralized application (DApp).

Business Сontacts

Two cryptocurrency exchanges - the Singapore-based Cryptology and another one called Exmo are still to add Giant Coin in the list of available assets. While the first one has told us that Giant Coin is currently pending review, the second one has not responded to some of our inquiries at the time of writing. Anyway, the agreements on listing with both those platforms are still in place. Unfortunately, we cannot influence the work speed of these platforms’ personnel.

In the field of corporate marketing, we desire to prepare our partners to synchronize the efforts to attract completely new people to our new website when it’s done. This will result in a new generation of Giant enthusiasts.

Additionally, Giant aims to attend to several cryptocurrency-related events and meet an influential cryptocurrency market observer. This sprint, Giant has communicated with this observer to clarify some details on the further cooperation.

Social Media

The Giant marketing department is now communicating with several YouTubers and Twitter influencers who have shown interest in reviewing our product.

On Discord, we are now formulating the rules of conduct for our moderators - for example, they will have to prevent off-topic discussions and clear the chats of spam. We want Giant newcomers to have a good understanding of the project mechanism and long-term goals, this is why our moderators must be able to explain the basic ideas and components of Giant correctly.

As always, the goals of the next sprint #8 (24 September - 7 October 2018) are soon to be formulated and posted in the backlog. Please let us know what you think on the work of Giant by commenting this page or sharing your thoughts on Discord.

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