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Latest Sprint News: Giant Team Grows


It’s been a good sprint of two busy weeks for the Giant team participants. Below, you can see why exactly this period from 22 October to 4 November 2018 was good. You can also read through the backlog of the past sprint to see what was initially planned.

Human Resources

The biggest achievement of the past sprint is that we have found two valuable additions to the Giant team. JavaScript Specialist Alexei has joined us at the start of the aforementioned time period to work on the GiantJS (Giant Contracts Development Kit), while JavaFullstack developer Almas will oversee everything connected to the optimization of the Giant website. With the sound division of labour, the Giant.Exchange development pace will considerably grow.

Technologies Development


The Giant.Exchange deal forms were the top priority of the Giant developers this sprint. The deal form depends on the scheme the Giant.Exchange Broker is using. In the Broker vs. Trader deal cycle, some elements are different than in the Trader vs. Trader cycle. Despite the difference in these two main types of binary option deals on Giant.Exchange, it was important to achieve a coherent framework for both of them. In this process, there was no divergence with the initial technical task set by the Lead Developer. We believe that the final product release will speak volumes about the capabilities of Giant blockchain.


There is a large spike of activity connected to our long-term tasks due to the new members of the team: the Giant collective newcomers are eager to consult with the Lead Developer on the issues of smart contracts and their syntax. This has already allowed the Giant team to reach a serious achievement in the field of labour division. Before this sprint, the SDK was being created by the Tech Lead simultaneously with several other important components. Now the situation has become different, as the comprehensive dialogue with the Tech Lead and the following analysis of the Giant blockchain has made it possible for Alexei to independently work on the smart contracts development kit.

The current task in the set related to GiantJS is to create a smart contract deploy method. This will open up an opportunity to add smart contracts into the Giant blockchain. The crucial element of the deploy method is the smart contract code execution financing system. We need to make a fee settlement mechanism and ensure that it’s performed simultaneously with the smart contracts code execution.

Social Media & Informational Materials

The Giant writers and marketers have done a great deal in these two weeks to further improve the social media. On Discord, several new separate channels have been created to divide the news on the Giant products. As always, Giant development steps have been described on Discord in a comprehensible manner. The previously-announced video about Giant.Exchange is still under development and it is likely not to appear during the last days of this sprint.

A supplementary task which can also be attributed to marketing was a full change of the Giant logo in all places it remained old. The most notable platform to have seen it this sprint was CryptoBridge, one of the two exchanges where you can buy and sell Giant Coin (GIC).

The Giant team deanonymization has not happened yet, although we have done a great deal of work on the Team page on giantpay.network. It’s already complete, and quite soon, Almas will integrate it on the main website. Despite this, you might have noticed that now we are using the first names of the members of our team.

In other news on Giant info content, a Web cryptocurrency media called Altcoin Magazine has asked us some interesting questions as part of the Giant team interview. Answers are likely to be published next sprint. We are to raise the Giant project presence in Telegram — the channel design and structure is almost ready. Several partnership contacts aimed at the channel promotion have been established.