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Latest Sprint News: Giant Team Goes Public


Greetings, Giant fans and those who are reading these materials for the first time! It has already become a good tradition for us to tell you what we’ve been doing for the last two weeks. You can read the backlog of this sprint to see our initial plans and compare them with what actually happened.

Technologies Development

Alexei has been busy researching the internal script system of the Giant blockchain and smart contracts. It is quite important not to miss the potentially problematic points which, if unnoticed, may slow down the economic relations between the community participants. The dynamic system of Giant has several variants to solve the issue of undesirable script execution loops. This sprint, Giant technologies have become much more understandable, Alexei notes.

The progress of smart contracts building doesn’t stop. For instance, Dmitry and Alexei have been communicating on the matters of the Oracle mechanism (see previous Giant.Exchange-related materials for more information). Additionally, Dmitry has explained Alexei the matters of JavaScript statistical analysis, smart contract fees and deploy process. The internal financial operations logic, assessment mechanism and long-term scalability questions are under close observation. No development is possible without a comprehensive research.

Social Media & Business Contacts

The team deanonymization was highly requested by the Giant community. The work on this matter has started even before this sprint. The final result is already available to see on Giantpay.Network. We have already received a lot of positive feedback. Here it’s interesting to note how the Giant team has earned the respect of the community before the deanonymization even happened.

This sprint has been extremely good when it comes to the offline business relations of Giant. Blockchain Life 2018 in St Petersburg has been a diverse forum with the representatives of the cryptocurrency community. The recent Giant Insight may tell you more about the relations between traders, ICO projects, B2B services, funds and experts. The current disadvantages of the cryptocurrency market were also visible on this forum, and the Insight describes them too. Interesting partnership leads have been found. Human Resources

Giant is always looking for new developers with the knowledge of C++ and Java FullStack. There have been 8 interviews of potential developers this sprint - quite a big number in comparison to the previous months. Nothing stops you from applying too: as the management and programming quality grows, we start to see more and more areas that could be quickly improved by a new specialist. Aside from this, responsibilities include teamwork, research and realistic planning of the sprint goals. We believe that newcomers will give Giant products additional opportunity to improve even before the actual release.