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Latest Sprint News: Giant Team Expansion, Development Progress and Future Plans


During the current 3rd sprint, our team of developers has introduced several important structural changes and outlined its plans for the upcoming 4th sprint. Additionally, we continue to hire qualified specialists for various positions described below. But first, let’s see what the most compassionate fans of GIC can get.


Our supporters should know that our new customer loyalty program will start on July 30 and end on October 7 2018, as previously described on our Discord channel. We have designed three separate campaigns for Twitter, Telegram and Facebook. Check out the corresponding threads on BitcoinTalk to see the rules of participation.

Smart Contracts

Giant programmers have upgraded the back-end structure of our smart contracts. This Giant blockchain-based mechanism provides key functions for online trading and binary options. JavaScript ECMAScript 6 is the basis for the smart contracts of Giant. While the opportunity to update our smart contracts is one of the most beneficial features in comparison to other products, we are aware that hackers can make malicious changes in the code. To prevent this, we have installed defensive measures preventing such manipulations. The future support of standard ES7 will additionally ensure the integrity of our smart contracts. You can check out the actual code examples in a dedicated article.

We have composed an educational material regarding the structural potential of Giant Smart contracts. The reader will be able to find out the current disadvantages of Solidity, C# and C++ in comparison to JavaScript. Giant authors will introduce several similar materials soon to improve to public knowledge about the enterprise and blockchain technologies as a whole.


Another interesting event: the roadmap of our project has also been updated. To increase the level of the enterprise transparency, all members of the team will introduce themselves in Q3 2018. During the same quarter, we will translate our project documents into 10 new languages, including Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Spanish and French. In the next quarters, we plan to list GIC on several popular crypto exchanges (KuCoin, HitBTC, Cryptopia) and even add the support of atomic swaps which will make swift blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange operations possible. Atomic swaps provide a viable alternative to third-party digital currency brokerages, as the exchange between two coins is done solely with the help of the respective blockchains.

But our most ambitious plans are Giant.Bet and Giant.Coldstake (both planned to introduce in 2019). Giant.Bet will provide a distributed ledger platform for sports betting, effectively raising the bar of this way of digital currency activity. Giant.Coldstake is a decentralized application (DApp) which will offer a way of secure funds storage. To be more precise, in a standard PoS environment, a person who would like to receive an owner’s reward has to stay online and synchronized with the whole system — this can be called HotStake. ColdStake makes it possible to receive this reward even if the user is offline! Technically, Giant.Coldstake is a special smart contract which allows node sharing. Our blockchain experts provide the following analogy: imagine a bank account where you put your money for a month and then get a fixed interest (or receive several percents of the sum you have deposited). In case you have withdrawn your funds before, you are not getting this reward.

Giant Daemon

The giant-cli command line interface has also been updated: the source code is already available on GitHub and will be implemented in the future release of our wallet service. Quite importantly, now it’s possible to check an average block presence time and see the last block rewards.


GIC has become available to investors through the disruptive GIN — this platform opens up a very beneficial opportunity to set up a node in several simple steps for people who do not have a blockchain engineering expertise. In other words, a new era for GIC masternodes establishment has begun and our project will become more mainstream. We’ve had a surge of investors since this happened, which further highlights the usefulness of GIN and GIC cooperation.


We have hired a designer who will develop a unified corporate style for Giant and improve the current UI and UX. Among the main cornerstones of every crypto projects are its appearance, Web representation and user-friendliness. We are sure that this new important member will make a valuable addition to Giant team and make our brands, products and social media posts attractive. ‘UI/UX’ means that he will additionally oversee the interface of our website and future platforms.

Our new copywriter will provide you with quality materials and announcements about the project development. The main public issue of blockchain technologies is their difficult nature for those who are not involved in the process of their development — which naturally results in various suspicions about the actual value of the product. This writer will provide a simple description of hard structural advancements and will explain their practical importance for Giant.

But these two people are not the last to join: we are still searching for a Project Manager and an experienced JavaScript programmer. These news highlights the ongoing evolution of the project, as new people will bring more experience and this shared expertise will benefit Giant and its users. Meanwhile, Michael, one of our key members (Giant_admin_en in Discord), is no longer absent from the process of Giant development and returned to the enterprise supervision, effectively destroying some speculations that he left the project completely.

Other Future Plans

We continue to build Giant SDK (a GIC smart contracts dev kit), a sandbox environment called GiantJS SDK and social media bots which will post info regarding the current price of GIC in bitcoins. In order to release products without any mistakes, we had to delay this set of tasks a bit. Giant team cares about the user-friendliness and good performance of software it develops.

Giant is currently defining the tasks for the fourth sprint, we’ll keep you updated on our Discord channel and with the help of materials similar to this one.

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