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Latest Sprint News: Extensive Improvement


The last two weeks have been filled with various tasks the Giant team had to solve, and we would like to share our short-term achievements and thoughts on the Giant project as a whole. You can read the backlog of this sprint first and even contact Giant devs on Discord for additional comments on Discord.

Technologies Development

One of the lead developers, Alexei Bokarev, has continued to use everything in his power to bring Giant Contracts SDK called GiantJS to a single quality standard without making any harm to the work that has already been done before. There were some useful fixes made by him throughout these two weeks, the most notable of them is that now new declaration calculations are inserted in the contract like they should to. “At the moment, we [can] calculate 33 declarations which fully covers the MetaCoin contract syntax”, Alexei states in the internal quick reports. Additionally, he has fixed the source file index.js and added the opportunity to use the init command in the npm run build. As a result of this work, a good foundation has been laid for the next sprint: together with Tech Lead Dmitry Filinberg, Alexei will work on the smart contract update feature.

Meanwhile on Front-End, Ablai Tursumbekov, Denis Seliverstov, Almas Abdrazak and Ian Burtovoy are making a great deal to increase the quality of Giantpay.network and the future website of Giant.Exchange. Ablai is still tuning the Giant.Exchange underlying asset price motion graph. As a result, he has already established the connection of the deals chart with this graph, created the countdown for Trader vs. Trader binary option deals (you can see more about this type of options by reading a separate material). The bets form and binary options data display were two other major concerns of Ablai this sprint.

Denis Seliverstov has made (and implemented) a useful proposal to replace the function called addClassOpacity to computed get/set and then use it in the dashboard rendering. Another function has been upgraded in such a way that it doesn’t load the system on pages it shouldn’t work at all. Almas and Ian have fixed various minor old bugs on the Giant website. In addition, the Giant.Exchange landing page layout has seen major improvements.

It’s time to address the elephant in the room and talk about our decision to delay Giant Contracts and abandon the idea of setting precise dates. The lead developers of this project are certain that if Giant.Exchange is released prior to the moment they have done everything they could to make it secure, the project would have a short and tragic history afterwards. Another reason of this strategic move is optimization - the readers are likely aware of the fact that blockchain applications may not necessarily be quick right from their earliest versions.

Social Media & Informational Materials

We have shared our intention to postpone the release of Giant Contracts to 2019 on social media, published an extremely useful article on how to resist hackers who may exploit certain wallet console commands and told about the decentralized management of Giant.Exchange which makes it possible to state that the platform would not have any specific leaders. This is simultaneously one of the main reasons why Giant.Exchange will be more beneficial for traders than usual binary options platforms and why it’s not easy to create it in a short period of time.

The Giant masternode owners who made a serious investment of 1000 Giant Coins (GIC) each have an access to the private chat on Discord. We have consulted with them on our next Giant.Exchange ad video and the most visible demand was to have sharp and understandable language when listing the benefits of the platform in comparison to traditional binary options brokerages. In the end, we’ve shown this video to the masternode owners at the very end of this sprint and it has gained positive feedback.

There has been a redistribution of tasks in the marketing department: Nikolay and Anastasia are going to be engaged in the Giant day-to-day promotion processes even more while Mikhail will move to the Giant strategic planning for the next year and will help Pavel with this matter.

As for our external communications, talks with different projects were being held this sprint and you are likely to see the first results in the next one.