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June Update


Thank you all for being patient. We've sorted out our plans until the end of June, so I can shed some light on this now.


Fixing the issues that have turned up after the latest libraries update was crucial for network stability. These tasks have been completed. Besides network stability, this will bring us the long-awaited governance mechanism. However, we cannot release it before testing in the testnet. The testnet launch was another challenge due to certain disparities between the Giant and Pivx codebase. This task has also been addressed, so we plan to test the governance, create guidelines and release the new wallet before the end of June. This version is expected to remain reliable up until the smart contracts release causes other changes.

We will continue working on the smart contracts transaction validation in another Github branches and locally. GEX work is associated with integrating the design to other pages. The dashboard page is expected by the middle of June. Besides that, we will continue to improve the GEX technical paper sections that concern the back-end.


Analysis of our marketing campaigns, research of the masternodes market and smart contracts platforms has given us clarity of how we want Giant to be presented. We aim to build a business infrastructure image. There are several unique features that strengthen it. The necessary work includes the preparation of various marketing materials and updating the Giant web resources. At the moment there are three main sections:

  1. Giant for business (JavaScript case, cost-benefit analysis)
  2. Network participants matrix (project economy, roles and responsibilities)
  3. Decentralization case (governance, crypto finance)


We are certain that the smart contracts release is the only thing that can get Giant to another level. However, that is not in isolation. Without a strong community any open-source tech can be easily forked and unique project attributes might not get recognition. We have to prevent this by making our release anticipated by the market and media. But we cannot simply encourage you to post links and share with your friends. We need you to understand why we believe in the project and be able to elaborate on that. That's what the business infrastructure image is for. Without it Giant will remain just another crypto. Therefore, before releasing these materials we ask you to help us in the following ways:

  1. Answer the questions regarding the crypto market-research type
  2. Join a focus group for the draft papers

These activities will be held in a dedicated Giant-tech channel. We will open it and announce once the workflow is ready. Thank you.