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How and why to join the Giant Community Team?


Different stages of the Giant Project open up various possibilities for community participation. At the beginning there was no product and the concept of the Giant technology was quite abstract, so the community could participate to a lesser extent. The marketing department of the CoreTeam had to identify the main values and features of the Giant tech based on the developers technical papers.

Now in May, we are approaching the first beta release of GEX that can demonstrate the functionality and business related aspects of the exchange. It gives us a lot of room for marketing initiatives and the content to work with. We had visualized this, so the the concept of Community Team was first introduced back in March. Since then, we have had productive sessions and discussions within the group; and the framework proved to be effective. However, we’ve made certain improvements and relaunch the Giant Community Team.

The new workflow of the Community Team is following:

  1. Submit the questionnaire
  2. Wait for a team member to contact you
  3. Join a dedicated channel with the tasks distribution and discussions
  4. If you want to participate in a voice call join another channel where the calls schedule is being set

Briefly, the process is as follows:


If you’ve already joined the first Community Team and want to participate this time, please submit the questionnaire again because of certain changes to the process. In order to keep the focus and productive pace only active members of Community Team can get access to the working channels. However, this is only a matter of a few hours a week.

Thanks for reading! Please leave your feedback, because our goal is to prepare a viable framework to scale the project at the point where the main development is made.