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Giant’s ROADMAP for 2018/2019


The Giant team is glad to present you the updated ROADMAP for the Q3, Q4 2018 and Q1-Q3 2019.

Our newly-added goals and objectives are related to the rapid development of the project both from the technical and the design perspectives. We also focus on the increase in the workforce in order to achieve all our targets on time.

So let us have a close look at the tasks that have been added.

Q3 2018

  • deanonymization of the team;
  • the localization of the WPs (German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese).

Q4 2018

  • new website giantpay.network;
  • new explorer explorer.giantpay.network;
  • new Desktop wallet release;
  • listing on Cryptopia;
  • listing on HitBTC;
  • listing on KuCoin;
  • the localization of the website giantpay.network (German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese).

It is important that after the listing on new exchanges, the exchange of the GIC / USD currency pair will be available to reduce entry thresholds for traders, brokers, oracles and new investors.

Q1 2019

  • release of the Giant.Exchange iOS client;
  • release of the Giant.Exchange Android client;
  • implementation of the Atomic Swap;
  • listing on decentralized exchanges which support the Atomic Swap.

Q2 2019

  • Giant.Bet WP release - a decentralized sports betting platform;
  • Start Giant.Bet Airdrop campaign;
  • Giant.ColdStake WP release - A DApp for the depository storage of funds.

Q3 2019

  • Giant.Bet release;
  • Giant.ColdStake release.

The complete version of the Roadmap is already updated and is available via.

You can follow the progress of the planning and execution of our tasks on the Trello.

You can find the most recent news and insights on the Giant project on our Discord server.

If you are interested in our project, tell your friends about the Giant in your social networks and forums, and subscribe to the news on the Giant project on the following channels:

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