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Giant.Exchange Update


We haven’t been making new announcements related to our Giant.Exchange development progress but the most inquisitive of you might have seen the recent changes on GitHub.

During this sprint, Ablai and Denis have almost finished the primary work on the Dashboard and the Trading section. On Dashboard, the Activity tab is 100% ready. This tab shows the user actions. This is going to be extremely useful for all roles – for Traders who will have an opportunity to have a useful log of the deals, for Brokers whose binary options need classification and for Oracles to see when they added a new eponymous smart contract. This tab will become even more useful for everyone as the time goes by. All history records will have active links to follow.

Denis has also started to work on the voting page – we believe you are able to realize how important this component for Giant.Exchange is. The MVP (minimum viable project) will soon be updated with tools to create a new asset registration vote. The list of info parameters is individual for every binary option present in the vote. The table formatting is, however, universal: every new parameter begins from a new row. Denis has already deleted old unnecessary templates – this will help to operate with the dev tools much more efficiently. Check the beta - to see how it works.

And, lastly, pull requests that were recently merged are available.

We strongly recommend to track the changes on our GitHub to always have a full picture of what we are doing.