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Giant.Exchange. Graph release


We are ready to summarize a big-scale work on the Giant.Exchange price motion stats graph. The main challenge was our compliance with the modern standards of binary options trading interfaces and to eradicate all unnecessary components. The Giant.Exchange graph must contain only the necessary information. In particular, the following tasks were completed:

  1. The floating point should pulsate, and the previously-created point versions should be removed;
  2. Remove the graph grid;
  3. Draw a vertical level of the current time - a thin dash line;
  4. Draw a horizontal level - the current price of the asset - a thin dash line - add the value of the current level on the Y axis;
  5. Show the current point not in the middle, 70% to the left;
  6. Select the scale along the X axis so that 5 minutes is shown to the left of the current point (it will be the minimum scale when scrolling the chart in the future);
  7. Re-render the graph line;
  8. 10 seconds refresh.

We hope you would appreciate the amount of work and the results we’ve finally achieved!


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