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Giant.Exchange. Development status


Those of you who didn’t read the latest announcements and Giant.Exchange-related articles should know that Giant.Exchange will become one of many practical appliances of the Giant smart contracts. In other words, the platform back-end is the Giant blockchain.

Thus, the primary work on Giant.Exchange is focused on front-end with the use of JavaScript. You might have already looked through an extensive technical task that describes the principles of the platform visuals development.

At the current phase, we are creating the infrastructure for the project, namely Trading, Statistics, Self-Governance pages. Even today you can already grasp the concept on which the interface of Giant.Exchange is built upon. In the future, the modern design will be applied. The Trading page displays the main aspects and the logic of the future engagement of Traders, Brokers and Oracles. It will consist of different blocks such as:

  • Graph
  • Oracles list
  • Oracles section
  • Brokers list
  • Deals list
  • Underlying assets list

You can watch the development of Giant.Exchange in real time via this link:


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