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Giant.Exchange. Deals interface


As you can see from the previous announcement, some binary options deals interface elements may depend on each of these types of deals. For example, the deal time is different for two trading schemes:

  • T-T (Trader vs. Trader) : a periodical deal cycle, here the ‘deal time’ is just choosing a delayed cycle;
  • B-T (Broker vs. Trader): a time of individual deal cycle or after which period the deal will be closed.

Other necessary elements of the binary options trading interface (both for T-T and B-T):

  • Deal sum (+ and - buttons) - regulating the broker deal sum size;
  • Option reward calculation block with the info on other deals connected with this asset;
  • Up arrow button - CALL deal registration;
  • Down arrow button - PUT deal registration;
  • Between these buttons: current price level which will later be captured in the deal;
  • As soon as the user confirms the deal opening/participation, they receive a transaction confirmation window with an opportunity to turn such confirmations off.

There is a ton of other equally crucial details that the developers of Giant.Exchange keep in mind when creating the platform. You will see more in the next similar announcements here on Discord/on our site.

The current status of this activity is available at:


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