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Giant Smart Contracts Storage and Execution Development


At the time of writing, Alexei is actively searching for an answer to the following question.

How to rationally execute and store smart contracts on the Giant blockchain?

The obvious solution is that some data should be stored off chain, while the blockchain has only the most necessary information. The details of this mechanism are much more difficult, they are still being outlined.

The execution of Giant smart contracts is made thanks to the virtual machine – GiantVM.

When the masternode is launched, GiantVM creates objects for all deployed smart contracts and their current status.

What we need is yet another mechanism which makes it possible to get the actual contract offChain data.

One of the possible implementation schemes:


That’s how every Giant block gets an info on the results of every transaction:

"transactionHash": "0x9fc76417374aa880d4449a1f7f31ec597f00b1f6f3dd2d66f4c9c6c445836d8b",
"transactionIndex": 0,
"blockHash": "0xef95f2f1ed3ca60b048b4bf67cde2195961e0bba6f70bcbea9a2c4e133e34b46",
"blockNumber": 3,
"contractAddress": "0xa94f5374fce5edbc8e2a8697c15331677e6ebf0b",
"cumulativeGicUsed": 314159,
«gicUsed": 30234,
"logs": [],
"status": "0x1"