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Giant Smart Contracts Development Details


Our work is a constant learning process – adding smart contracts into the existing blockchain cannot be called a mundane process each cryptocurrency project undergoes. This is a non-trivial task requiring to solve many optimization issues and have a practical vision. That’s where Alexei Bokarev comes in: his attentive work on the edge of blockchain technologies will bring Giant smart contracts closer to each Giant investor.

The smart contracts metadata with the description of their methods (functions) allows to track a smart contract of choice and call it with the help of special commands. One of them is network – as of today, it shows accounts, the number of blocks and hashes. The last block of the blockchain always shows its version, the Merkle root, while the hash of the previous block serves as a basis for the smart contract call. When deploying the smart contract, 33 declarations are calculated which fully covers the MetaCoin contract syntax.

A week ago, Alexei has changed the display of the last block and now the system also shows its height, nonce and timestamp. Overall, the CONTRACT_CALL task has been one of the non-trivial ones we mentioned before: not even the Ethereum network has a full integrity when it comes to smart contract parameters. Still, it’s extremely important to divide different types of transactions and make the Giant contracts network secure.