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Giant Project Q1 2019 Update


The few weeks have been extremely productive in terms of development, management and general vision. I, Mikhail Maximov, will become the project CEO, while Dmitry Filinberg is focusing on CTO responsibilities. It is a reasonable, and logical, move for everyone who’s been following our news and updates. While Giant continues to build its ecosystem, and reputation, it’s important to communicate with the crypto space more actively. I will find a way to delegate part of my operational tasks and focus on overall business strategy, communications and media.

For those who’ve joined the project recently let me remind why it’s unique and has survived the bear market for the past 10 months:

  • Fair launch. Development, at our own expense, of the Core Team
  • A high level of tech competences. The original idea and constant implementation
  • Business orientation. Parallel development of dApps

We also continue to stress how important it is to demonstrate that blockchain can add value and solve business tasks. Just like Bitcoin makes it possible, for 2 people, in any location, to exchange value directly. Giant is creating a safe environment for betting with no third party interference or control. One day a user will be able to open the Giant.Bet app on the phone, send a bet to the pool where any other user on Earth can accept it. This is the future of betting with no third party control. Giant project has professionals who can make it work and to be adopted.

Roadmap terms need additional clarifications. Our goal is to make the releases as soon as possible and anyone can see that by our Github commits. Nonetheless, at the end of Q4 2018 we explained why the concept of deadlines cannot be applicable to our situation, although all our web platforms updated the tasks to Q1 2019. This could be a perfect scenario if there were no unexpected challenges and additional tasks. Obviously, it’s not the case for IT, especially on the cutting edge of blockchain.

Our Devs are extremely responsive to make the process transparent for everyone, and transparency in crypto is a quite controversial topic. The Core Team has various methods to make a project look good; I try to shed light on it and have dedicated a first article of my personal blog to this issue. It’s important to understand for any crypto investor. From the beginning Giant was following principles of decentralization. We made mistakes but not any that could jeopardize the future of the project, that’s why we are not afraid to speak about sensitive issues some other projects avoid to manipulate the market.

We adopted the use of Masternode technology and entered this toxic market to launch the blockchain and start making progress from day one. Otherwise we’d have to spend too much valuable time on too many meetings, making buzz and shady partnerships. Instead, we started to perform our core tasks and many competent people joined the project because they share our vision. Masternodes allowed us to decentralize the network fast and make it stable. However, the main value of Giant Blockchain is smart contracts with unique features, such as JavaScript usage, optimization solutions and spam control mechanisms. We want to keep up the current pace and make Giant among TOP 100 cryptocurrencies. I’ll move to South Korea to increase offline activities and learn from the fastest growing crypto industry there. Giant is stepping out of the masternodes only domain and is making Giant steps towards our ambitious goals and objectives.