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Giant is Not Binary Options Only


This article tells about the potential of the Giant blockchain and clarifies the situation with Giant.Exchange. Does it distract the community from the potential of the Giant blockchain itself? Let’s see the difference between the binary options platform and the technology which underlies it.

Can We Limit Giant to Binary Options?

We’ve been working for almost half a year now, yet many still believe that Giant is inseparable from binary options. It’s important to differentiate Giant.Exchange - the binary options platform which has already been described in several articles before - with the Giant blockchain network flexible enough to be used for many other purposes.

Everybody is now waiting for Giant.Exchange and anticipate its release and subsequent upgrades. The Giant team will not limit its activities to Giant.Exchange alone! This platform will be just the first DApp among many to follow. It is not even necessary that the Giant team develops the next DApps - the decentralized structure allows anyone to do so.

Community Expectations and the Market Uncertainty

One of the most probable reasons why the public is focused on Giant.Exchange is that it would be a solid proof of the masternodes value. As a reminder: by owning a masternode, you will be able to become a Broker and create your own binary options. This also opens up an opportunity to provide the reference price data for Brokers by opening an Oracle smart contract. The Giant masternode owners will also get to participate in the votes dedicated to new underlying assets addition.

There is a sea of scams in the sphere of masternode projects and the desire of the community to see the platform that will confirm the value of Giant masternodes is understandable. And yes, you will see this confirmation soon, but we would like to highlight the fact that the implementation of Giant.Exchange will also confirm the Giant blockchain serviceability and prove that the whole concept is viable.

Giant.Exchange — a Prologue in a Bigger Story

We have already written in the previous articles that Giant uses JavaScript for smart contracts development. Today, JavaScript is the most popular programming language. The Giant blockchain is prepared for the future scalability, as its smart contracts can be updated and deleted. Note that the smart contracts technology is still being added to the Giant blockchain and this process requires time so that no related bugs appear in the future.

Any programmer or a team of programmers can use the open-source code of Giant to build their own projects. This is what the Giant development is all about: ultimately, we aim to provide a good digital production site for fintech applications. The Giant Coin (GIC) will become a useful payment tool for these future apps.

Giant Environment Needs Community Review

We hope that you have comprehended the bigger picture: Giant has a much wider potential than Giant.Exchange. It’s also important to note several other aspects of our work.

The achievements made by the Ethereum community are indisputable: it has attracted many talented programmers and there are tons of project implemented with the use of this technology. But the prevalence of one smart contracts project, no matter how good it is, directly contravenes the principle of decentralization. Giant will provide a viable alternative and thus decrease the level of monopoly of Ethereum in the sphere of smart contract and decentralized application environments.

We need to raise the level of community awareness about the technology which underlies the Giant.Exchange - the Giant blockchain. It has its own pros and cons described in a separate material. Giant Coin, too, can be used as a full-fledged cryptocurrency in the deals outside Giant.Exchange. We will tell more about the practical applications of the Giant blockchain and Giant Coin in next articles. The Giant blockchain promotion strategy will also be described there. The next material will describe the basic principles of our cooperation with potential advisers. Here, we would like to stress that our advisors should be competent enough to comprehend all the advantages and disadvantages of Giant to make an expert evaluation. We are not going to simply hire a person who will only speak pompous buzzwords about how Giant will transform everything — the realistic assessment of our positive and negative features is much more valuable in the long term. Naturally, this cannot be achieved by cooperating with non-professionals.

Both Giant fans and newcomers should consider what attracts them the most in Giant and realize its full potential. For those familiar with programming, our GitHub repository might considerably help in this. Do not get distracted with binary options — Giant is much more than betting on the assets price motion.

Let us know in the comments what you think about Giant as a blockchain environment and what role you would like to fill the most in this sphere.

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