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Giant Insight #8


During a discussion with some of the proposals authours for the upcoming vote it became clear that Governance we are chasing is more than just a fair rewards distribution. It requires underlying logic and a very accurate model for managing users incentive. With that in mind, we are capable of building a unique governance mechanism that can make Giant a top-shelf project in the masternodes space.

Don't forget that the key for long-term development and growth is a community that includes a core team; advisors; active masternodes owners who are contributing according to their field of expertise and have self-interest alligned with the project; miners; developers; holders; platforms users and so on. Universal governance system can put our interests in accordance with the project good. Effective interaction of all of us is what can let the project survive the bear market, remain solid and achieve global recognition.

That's why we encourage you to expand your proposals and clarify the whole process. We extend the submission period up to the end of this week. Privately, some of you have shown a good level of creativity and comprehension of the digital economy state. This is the time to put it on paper!

Please, clarify the following points for your proposals:

  • frequency of superblocks;
  • cost of proposal submission;
  • dealing with unrequested treasury funds;
  • additional features should have a technical explanation.