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Giant Insight #4


Dear friends!

We would like to remind about the Giant project status once again. Presently, all the primary resources are focused on the development, as our brand technology will be the decisive factor of success. Moreover, we continue to expand our team by attracting Java and JavaScript professionals.

The Discord upgrade is yet another of our goals. We want to make it an efficient channel through which you will be able to receive development reports in a timely fashion and share your feedback.

To prevent a misconception that Giant is just a decentralized binary options exchange, from this day forward we are separating the Giant blockchain news feed and the Giant.Exchange news feed.

As a reminder, Giant.Exchange is the first of many Giant blockchain use cases. Every network participant will be able to build and implement an equivalent product. As a development team, we did not want to waste time and started to build the first demonstration product before the SDK release. This will allow to show the opportunities of our smart contracts in the shortest possible time after this technology support is implemented in the Giant blockchain.

Therefore, our Discord server now has a new section called Giant-Exchange which will have its own news channel and general chat.

Join us!

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