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Giant Insight #1


Today, our audience mostly consists of experienced players on the market of masternode projects. Some of them have already returned their investments and try to use every opportunity available on the currently pessimistic market. It’s hard to judge a natural urge to quickly get a small revenue.

Many believe that in the most related projects, masternode technology is only a tool to reduce the circulating supply coupled with controlling the price by market making. At a certain time point, the average revenue starts to decline, no new investors are coming and the excessive supply makes the fate of the price even more grim. The only chance to break this trend is to create a natural demand for the product that can be accessed by the coin.

Our task is to create a technology which would use the benefits of decentralization provided by masternodes instead. We have already described these advantages in the article on the governance mechanism of Giant. So the most important thing we can do is development of our product ignoring other circumstances.

This is why we are highlighting the transparent nature of our work in all of our materials instead of attracting the newcomers with ROI. The ultimate goal of our marketing efforts is not to reach the biggest number of participants possible, but to build a healthy community with users who exchange expertise and provides a quality feedback.

We are certain that this is exactly what is going to become a foundation for the long-term product demand and competitiveness. Use cases will undoubtedly offset the short-term volatility that is happening right now, at the early phase of Giant establishment.

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