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Giant Advisors


There are a lot of digital currency-related or smart contracts-themed projects these days, and many of them hire Advisors. People who have an experience in this field offer to participate in the enterprise to create an illusion of its credibility. A cryptocurrency project Advisor makes a public assessment and bets his reputation that the described project is worth the risk. However, one person doesn’t necessarily make a difference, and paid advisors are likely to stress only the good properties of the project, while keeping silent about its downsides.

How Typical Crypto Project Works

As witnessed from one of our articles, sometimes the true intention of the digital startup founders is to only raise money through an initial coin offering (ICO). All other critical parts of the project - the White Paper, the minimum viable product (MVP), in some cases - even the website are all made unprofessionally and in a rush.

The crypto hype wave of 2017 is partly to blame - the general public has overestimated the new technologies, and there have been many entrepreneurs who simply wanted to get rich by using a popular theme. The false promises, fake expert reviews and the mimicking of legal work can often be met on the crypto market even to this day. This all has attracted the attention of the world regulators and ICOs were banned in China and South Korea.

Even if the project does not launch its own ICO, there is a possibility of financial data manipulation, bugs and other mistakes. An independent review would fix the majority of these issues, but, as already mentioned above, paid advisors are less likely to be independent.

Doing Things Giant Way

Newsflash: blockchain is actually pretty difficult to understand — especially the one that is not solely based on the work of Satoshi Nakamoto, Vitalik Buterin or other digital currency creators. This is the main reason why Giant posts articles describing its blockchain environment, Giant.Exchange - the first decentralized application based on this environment, and the masternode issues. Instead of one White Paper where the incomplete info on the Giant blockchain, the Giant.Exchange and GiantContracts would be written, we prefer to tell about them separately.

The projects which accentuate the attention of the audience on the return on investment (ROI) can be reasonably suspected of being a fraud scheme. Even if they work as claimed, every project needs several use cases. On the other hand, the Giant technology has a lot of use cases yet does not promise high returns. Here’s how Giant can be used in practice:

  • as a payment system - our digital currency Giant Coin (GIC) is already in working condition, as well as its wallet service;
  • as a space for ambitious fintech applications — Giant.Exchange is only the first one, and there will be no restriction on who can create them;
  • as an interesting experiment for blockchain enthusiasts in which the masternodes and smart contracts meet for the first time.

We are ready to work with advisors who can review the project independently and present a statement on our future perspectives. One can guess that this is the primary reason why we especially welcome people with a relevant expertise in blockchain programming. We do not want to present anyone as our Advisor just to increase our reputation and/or brand awareness. We have a small team in which every member is working at a frenetic pace and aims to present the actual work results which will back the project like nothing else. Every Giant Advisor should be ready to use his/her experience to create a non-biased assessment of Giant blockchain and Giant.Exchange.

The Giant Advisor we need has to do a research on our project and tell about its real perspectives. This person must share our vision about financial decentralization, be interested in new digital currency and fintech inventions. On our part, we offer a certain number of masternodes which can be compared to having a minority stake in a usual company.

Naturally, the Giant Advisor must have a good business reputation and has to be viewed as credible by other members of the cryptocurrency community. If you are willing to become a Giant Ambassador instead, these rules still apply. Giant is currently at its early stages and the current human resources policy of the team is not as strict as it may become in the future.


Giant wishes to establish transparent business relations with our community and advisors. This is why we don’t want our advisors to be paid marketing engineers, as it sometimes happens with other projects.

If you think you have what it takes and can contribute to Giant as a project advisor, please write a short description of yourself and your opinion on the project to admin@giantpay.network (with ‘Advisor’ as an email subject).

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