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GEX Beta Private Testing


Giant CoreTeam has followed its plan for the GEX Beta release. The first part was private testing with invited experts and the media, including executives from Graviex, Gentarium, Bettex, ESBC, binary options traders and a Russian crypto vloger, Roman Tomera. The feedback was in-depth and comprehensive and addressed many different aspects of GEX. I will break it down into several topics associated with GEX.


User Interface

Although we always stress the value of the Oracles block as a source of transparency most of the testers agreed that this section should be hidden. The Oracle and Broker selection is important but might happen only once during the whole session, so the user needs only to see only the interface elements that are related to gambling.

The Graviex CEO stated that a night theme is an option we need to consider.

Binary options traders suggested adding some analytics tools on the graph, including:

  • Zoom
  • Volume
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Moving Average

User Experience

Most of the changes I’ve listed above will affect UX, so here I will share the main concept behind it. In general, beta testers suggested making the whole user experience more entertaining. Simply put, there are 2 major directions:

  • Creating a user friendly, enjoyable betting experience
  • Empowering users with analytics tools

Therefore, we will increase the entertainment value and provide options for those who want to reply on their experience when placing their stake, rather than simply going for a lucky bet !!

Specific solutions are yet to be developed, but there are some ideas:

  • Besides the analytics tools I’ve already mentioned, information on the distribution of other users’ bets would be a positive addition
  • Roman Tomera is well-aware of the importance of entertainment value and suggested adding specific sounds to user actions and trading events, such as the win/lose message.
  • Since the 1 to 3 minute bets can be easily perceived as a ‘coin-flip’, the addition of bets up to a 24h duration could make GEX more interesting for other traders.
  • Bettex CEO has noted that having Brokers that provide trading for 24h is key during the early stage of the project. However, it can be strengthened by allowing GIC holders to fund Brokers on certain terms and distributing the revenue amongst them.

CEO of Gentarium and Graviex, both of whom are experienced in creating user platforms, agreed that we need to add tutorials in one form or another. This could be a helping bot or specific guides and instructions.

CEO of Bettex reasonably questioned the purpose of the reputation score that is assigned to Oracles and Brokers. We have to make sure that this mechanism is clear and helpful to the user.


In addition to the platform improvements our guests gave us input regarding the marketing strategy. We all agreed that we should target the masternodes audience at the beginning for several reasons:

  • MN market has quite high number of investors that can be converted to GEX users cheaper and at a higher rate than non-crypto binary options traders
  • MN investors know how to acquire GIC and have no problem with that
  • Testing GEX among these users will leave us room for improvement to adjust the platform for non-crypto traders

Thanks to all the participants!