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Discord Updates


Before summarizing the latest upgrades to our Discord, we would like to tell you why exactly it’s important. It’s no secret that many projects use Discord to increase hype by simulating the user activity. Only after several months of running the Giant server, we have reassessed the value of this product. Now we are trying our best to use Discord to:

  • support and consult our users on wallets & masternode launching
  • cover the news on the team and development
  • receive the masternode owners feedback
  • expand the team with the active community members
  • have votes on proposed initiatives

We also want to reiterate the idea that each network participant can add value to the product and benefit all Giant Coin holders. That’s why we’ve made new Discord channels to structurize this activity.

  • #heads-up - here you can report the website errors and incorrect info display on resources mentioning us
  • #services - info on services potentially beneficial for Giant users
  • #stop-spam - here you can help in keeping our server clean! Add info on active spambots for us to ban them
  • #suggestions - if you have any ideas on the Giant Coin exchange listing promotion and you are ready to provide help in listing, leave your offer description and we will contact you

On the Giant Discord server, you are now also able to read the news feed of Giant.Exchange and GiantJS separately. We want to make the server easy-to-use and efficient for the project introduction. The direct communication link to the community is also extremely important for Giant.