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Alexei Is Succeeding With Giant.Contracts


We haven't posted updates on GiantJS for quite a while. Let us tell what’s going on with this area today.

The work performed by Alexei is extremely difficult. The Giant smart contracts system is under his careful review and he’s already offering useful improvements. Dmitry Filinberg is closely cooperating with Alexei, discussing the code details. At the time of writing, he is finishing the optimal smart contract execution fee mechanism. You can already witness the progress on GitHub pages, especially this one regarding tests:


There were many nontrivial solutions discovered since Alexei has started. These tools will accelerate both the system performance and the development speed. For instance, now we know how to quickly generate abstract syntax trees.

As a positive side effect of his Giant blockchain research, there have been interesting findings in the area of digital economy. He came to the following conclusion: in the blockchain contracts system, time is no longer money, instead you might say that block is money.

We would like to openly thank Alexei for bringing Giant contract considerably closer to release. Quite soon he will start to work with the actual contracts which will be used by the Giant dApps participants on a daily basis. Now you can imagine the importance of responsibilities the Giant team is undertaking.