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Latest Sprint News: The Quick Start of 2019


The most recent sprint #15 is at its final hours, and you’re about to read what the Giant team has been doing throughout the first days of 2019. As always, you can first read the backlog — a set of short-term plans for our work we outlined before.

Technologies Development

One of the tasks the Giant development team faced this sprint was connected to Giant.Contracts metadata storage. This is a network scalability problem: if we don’t come up with an efficient solution, the network will be slowed down by overloads. As described by Tech Lead Dmitry Filinberg:

“The [smart contract] method metadata is needed to validate the transaction validation method call, this is how we can define the methods without using the smart contract instance when trying to call its method.”

Giant JS Developer Alexei Bokarev possesses skills that allow him to quickly comprehend the issue and he made an extremely useful proposal. It will give us a way to efficiently store the information on each smart contract (metadata) in the future network of Giant.Contracts. At the time of writing, the idea has already been approved by Tech Lead Dmitry Filinberg and received good appraisal from everybody else connected to the Giant blockchain coding.


In case the code looks too small on the illustration above, follow this link in order to see the whole code of this proposal better. Other aspects of Giant.Contracts Alexei has been working on include the display of network parameters through corresponding console commands. He also continues to research the GiantJS Virtual Machine and its functions in the network of smart contracts, most notably transaction validation.

Let’s see what’s been going on with Giant.Exchange - the first decentralized application that will fully use Giant.Contracts. Ablai Tursumbekov and Denis Seliverstov work in an efficient tandem towards an easy-to-use binary option trading interface and data display while Pavel Bulatov was heavily engaged in the talks with designers. As clarified by Denis, the Giant.Exchange trading lists filtering by data and users is almost ready and next sprint, it will be tested out in practice. Almas Abdrazak and Ian Burtovoy were both responsible for adequate data display on Giant online resources.

The Giant masternode owners have seen an example of the future Giant.Exchange design - the Trading Page appeared in the dedicated chat on Discord. We are going to collect the feedback and calibrate the interface even more if the need arises.

Social Media

Giant is committed to explain the basic gist of our block rewards distribution vote to everyone, and the information regarding this process was one of the primary tasks of Mikhail and Nikolay who worked together with Anastasia Chumachenko who published the necessary materials. We can state that the community has realized the importance of the new masternode owner Discord role — it is verified by the public wallet key signature and required to participate in the first phase of the upcoming vote. Note that your private key is not used in the operation: anyone who asks for a private wallet key can be considered a scammer. Report any suspicious messages to the Giant team and read more about scammers in this useful article.

All of the work on social media, coding and Giant website is under close observation of Maria, Giant Project Manager who ensures that nothing important is left behind.

We would like to keep up the enthusiastic pace of this sprint in the next one, and the backlog for Sprint #16 is going to appear very soon. Follow the news and join our Discord server for immediate announcements!